A new blog, someone else to judge

OK fellow inside-the-beltway readers…..Kitty-Time can’t spend all day feeling haunted by yesterday’s NYT story, so I am adding another entry for today.

In case you aren’t aware, a new fashion blog for DC has launched…and before I logged on, I had so much hope.

Naturally, the first thing I wondered was – would I make it on there? Will I log on one day to see a pic of myself in the “Do” category for fashion in Washington? Mais Oui! It will surely happen. And of course, Kitty-Time challenges her other beltway readers to find themselves in the “DO” category of this new fashion site.

But – quelle horreur! I logged on with so much hope and anticipation…and the most recent entry features a “fashionable” woman wearing……..


Isn’t this what we are trying to NOT be known as, people?

I mean – if DC is ever going to get away from its hideous fashion reputation, then DC’s first blog on fashion CANNOT be posting a picture of a woman in an ANN TAYLOR SWEATER.


Fortunately, there are some other fantastic dresses posted:


2 Responses to A new blog, someone else to judge
  1. Rachel
    February 12, 2007 | 5:27 pm

    Enjoyed reading your site–you cracked me up with your Tara/astronaut tirade and made me think when I read your “guilt” post. Check out my feedback on your excellent comments on the blog–
    I’m going to keep reading, hope you do too!


  2. Kitty Time
    February 13, 2007 | 4:42 am

    Rachel! Thanks for the compliments! Kitty-Time will link to your site and keep going back for more, I was inspired by a few of the people on the street and love that you are taking an Ellen approach – no “Dont’s” – nothing negative! I try to do that here at Kitty-Time except when bashing the President. I need my high-tech friends to help me with traffic and links because I get bored when reading those technical sites and so then stop…ha! Great thinking on projectbeltway – love the idea!

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