Delivery & The Moon

As true fans of KT know, two of my BFFs are pregnant. Both were due earlier this week. Due dates came and went, and no baby. It was really getting boring for me. And so anti-climatic.

Then yesterday morning, KT hears on NPR that it was going to be a full moon. A blue moon at that.

Immediately – my spidey senses kicked in – one of the two BFFs were BOUND to go into labor with the full moon. Indeed – more women go into labor with the full moon, including myself, even at 4 weeks early.

C’est vrai.

Even upon my arrival at the hospital, one delivery nurse commented on how I snagged the last delivery room and they were jam packed due to the full moon.

So yesterday was a nail biter of a day. Would one of them go into labor? Which one?

Well kittens. It happened. One BFF welcomed a sweet baby girl to the world this morning. She went into labor last night.

One down, one more to go.

Many of you are probably doubters. The moon can cause women to go into labor? Have I joined a pagan group?

I genuinely believe that women’s bodies are in sync with nature. Not to mention with each other. Weren’t you always on the same menstrual cycle as your roommates in college and beyond?

And so, KT’s sister provided some internet links on this subject matter. She first provided this link that discusses how not only do hospitals staff up more in anticipation of full moons but that the gravitational pull of the moon can cause women’s waters to break, just as it affects water and the ocean:

Even if you aren’t a believer, surely you are intrigued.  I urge you to spend some time asking the women around you if there was a full moon the night they went into labor? You might be surprised with what you learn.

Now – other women, upon KT’s further prodding, have said that either they or someone they know, have gone into labor as a result of barometric pressure. That is – as the pressure drops and a big storm is pending, the hospital rooms filled up – thereby contradicting the moon theory.

Scroll down to the pregnancy section here:

Again, very intriguing.

Believe what you want to believe kittens. But KT believes that there is something to this mother nature and women’s bodies, business, something very real and provocative.

Regardless of what you believe, however, one of my oldest, dearest, and best friends just had her first baby. If that’s not a reason to celebrate and be filled with joy, I just don’t know what is!

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  1. Emma
    June 2, 2007 | 9:40 pm

    Oh how I wished that I would go into labor when the full moon was afoot, but alas – my darling boy came 3 weeks later on his due date :)

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