My Little Red-Headed Halloween Stalker

I’m discovering that it really is true what they say about kids. With Halloween decorations out in full display all around our neighborhood and our house, it’s like I am experiencing the joys and thrills of Halloween for the first time.

Last Sunday, while darling daughter was napping, I busted out Halloween decorations. I focused on hanging all the witches and ghosts and pumpkins low – like at her eye level – all around the house.  I really wasn’t entirely sure how she would respond when she woke up but my hunch was that she would be really into it. After-all, I have very clear memories of the joy I felt upon arriving home from school only to find that my mom had decorated the house, top to bottom, for whatever holiday was upon us. You name it, she decorated.

But I totally underestimated just how much my daughter would respond.

She’s OBSESSED. “Mas pumpkins!” “Mas Ghost” “Mas Witches” – this is what I hear now – every day. She just wants more. She loves to walk around, admire each one, talk about them and then move on. She’s on a hunt to find “mas.”

And so, what is the solution? “Outside! Mas Ghosts Outside” she tells me. So off we go. We are like tigers on a hunt, our prey is anyone’s outdoor Halloween decorations.

There are no boundaries when you are coming on 2. If it’s outside, it’s clearly yours. Otherwise it wouldn’t be outside, right?

Yes. Clearly I’m having trouble anti inflammatories explaining boundaries, I’m thinking a lot of people wouldn’t be amused to look out front and find us loitering on the lawn, hovering over the ghost or scarecrow they’ve placed in their lawn……

Which brings me to my darling daughter’s stalking tendencies. See, it seems that the big fat puffy witch hanging on my next door neighbor’s door is the best thing since Popsicles and Elmo.

You got it. That witch is the cat’s meow. And the bunny we used to go visit every night has been kicked to the wind. Bunny? What bunny? Who cares about some stinking bunny when there are WITCHES?

So off we go, over to stand at the neighbor’s front door and admire her witch. Last night my neighbor was walking by her front door and imagine her surprise to see the two of us standing there, basically staring back.

But see, that’s not the end of it.

Imagine my neighbor’s surprise this morning, before the clock even hit 8am, as she opened her front door and guess who was standing there?

You got it!

Me and darling daughter. Admiring the witch.

I tried to back away onto the front lawn as I heard her behind her door…I didn’t want to scare the hell out of her first thing in the morning.

Fortunately my neighbor is amused right now. I mean, let’s be honest, my daughter is super cute and she just loves the witch. It’s adorable.

But…it’s also only October 5.

Will this still be so charming by October 31?

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