Addicted to Motherhood?

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I apologize for my long silence – you know I’m busy at work when you don’t hear from me in a while. Know that I much prefer this over crazy, hectic work days but alas, it is out of my hands. With that, let’s get right to it.

Last week, we discussed whether having one child is enough and why people feel compelled to judge parents of singles. Let’s turn that on its head and talk about the opposite end of the spectrum – can you have too many kids? And what does that say about you?

At what point do you start judging someone and think they are freaky Mormons or Catholics because they have too many kids? Admit it, you know you do it. We are equal opportunity judgers. You might be busily thinking about how only children are weird one minute and then a few minutes later, mocking that crazy Catholic family down the street with their 6 kids.

So what’s the threshold for normal and why do we care?

Seeing as how I’m one of four, I can’t be judging people who have four kids. Though I do wonder how they afford it. But do I start to wonder once there are five kids? A little. But once you get past five, I’m pretty much thinking you’re a freak.

But why? Because I like to judge?

Maybe. But I’m not alone.

Which brings me to Angie. Good old Angelina Jolie. Preggo with her second biological child, bringing the grand total to 5 children for her and Brad Pitt. Is anyone else out there wondering what in the world is going on and when they will stop?  And how pissed is Jenny Anny?

As for the Jolie-Pitts, we know they can afford it. But what’s the deal? Why so many?

A dear KT reader sent along this link last week, a story on ABC wondering if Angelina Jolie is addicted to motherhood and what this says about her, psychologically:

Being the gal who loves celeb gossip and is quick to hop on a gossip bandwagon, I love this story. It’s rife with speculation over Angie’s mental state and her motivation for wanting so many kids, not to mention speculation that she will leave Brad high and dry eventually, once she’s done hiding her problems behind motherhood.  Love it.

But beyond that, it begs a good question – can you be addicted to motherhood for the wrong reasons?

I don’t know. I mean – I can see how you can be addicted to your kids and obsessed with their every move, so I guess you can be addicted to motherhood. Are those who are prone to being addicted to motherhood the Bree types from Wisteria Lane, loving their perfect life and hydrangeas? Or can they also be career-hungry, climbing the corporate ladder, proving to themselves and the world that they can do both?

Or is this even really something that’s a reality? Or is it another example of the media doing a great job of criticizing women and motherhood? And the decisions we make?

You tell me.

Or just go read the story because it’s about a celebrity.

2 Responses to Addicted to Motherhood?
  1. chrissy
    March 4, 2008 | 6:24 pm

    I personally judge people with more than 2 biological children because of what they’re doing to our world’s resources – let’s practice zero population growth, people.

  2. Sam
    March 8, 2008 | 5:58 am

    I think people have lots of kids (read: lots!) for only 3 reasons:
    1) they need the help; plow the farm
    2) god says so, so do it.
    3) they have never been loved by their own parents so they need constant affirmation of their existence in the world and unrequitted love to keep their fragile and damaged egos upright.

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