Crazy for Pig

OK – I think we’ve reached fever pitch and we’ve all gone loco over swine vaccine. But that’s not what today’s post is about because the drama over swine is……snore….boring and also….stressful. I keep thinking that the drama over swine is just another reason to rail against our husbands.

Why? You ask?

Then you must not have a house full of kiddos that you are stressing out about trying to figure out how to vaccinate.

It seems to me that vaccinating the kiddos not just against swine but also against the seasonal flu this year – due to the nation wide shortages of both vaccines (our pediatrician ran out of seasonal flu on the very day my kids were scheduled to get their shots) – has become yet ANOTHER thing to add to the long list of things we try to cross off our lists each day.

The amount of hours I have spent trying to get through to our pediatrician’s office, only to finally get through and then be put on hold, and then have my call dropped, then start searching for free public clinics, and stalking the county web site, and then calling more places to see if they vaccinate children under 1… absurd. It is totally and completely absurd.

Then let’s add to it the public vaccination clinics. Another example of being anti moms and anti working parents – at least where I live – because they start at 4pm. What the?  If they started early in the morning, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d ship DH off in the middle of the night to go stand in line. But 4pm. Well, again, I’m on my own there. How in the hell am I supposed to go to a clinic and stand in line for 4 hours with a 4 year old and 11 month old? How? How is that possible? Can I pay a sitter to go wait in line?  That would be $60 well spent, if I could just arrive in time to get them vaccinated.  But no clinics around here have injectables…which my baby needs… do I waste my time trying to get one vaccinated only have to go face it all again a few weeks later for the baby, or do I wait it out until I can get both vaccinated? And why do I keep saying the word INJECTABLE every day…..until a few weeks ago, this was not a word I said or thought about…kinda like the word SWINE.

But again – all this stuff – takes lots of time to figure out – and gets to be very stressful – and here’s what I get when DH gets home
“You’re going crazy over this. Do whatever you want.”


Is my response.

How CONVENIENT to not have to worry about it and think about it and spend hours trying to get it sorted out…..cause well, I am doing it….not to mention….I”m going to be the one home with sick as hell kids.

I know I am not alone in this. My neighbor just called with a similar complaint.

Swine Vaccine distribution is anti-moms. Plain and simple.  And another example of one of the invisible things we worry about and manage on a daily basis.

This is my rant for today.

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