If the shoe fits……..

Buy it.

Reads a coin purse a good friend gave to me. It is a motto that I take seriously. Until I realized, DD2 turns 1 later this month, DD1 turns 4 in about a week, and I haven’t purchased a new pair of shoes in ONE YEAR.


Is this a national emergency? A fashion crisis of epic proportions?

I think it most certainly is. Or was, as the case may be.

Not only is it criminal how long it’s been since I purchased a new pair of shoes, it is even more critical because during this past year, I’ve transitioned from working full-time to staying home. Of course this dramatic change in wardrobe comes with a dramatic style shift. And the problem is that I’ve built up a fabulous work wardrobe over the past 12+ years but invested really nothing in casual wear.

And while I didn’t notice it along the way, it turns out that I have a flair for heels. I have a closet chock full of fabulous heels for every season, in all kinds of colors, patterns, heel styles. Plaid? Got them. Mules? Plenty. Open toes with platform? Which color you want? Leopard print heels? How many you need?

But practical flats? Apparently they never really fell on my radar screen as a working gal.  What does it say about you when you notice you are a heels or a flats gal? And what do you do when your lifestyle forces a change from being a heels gal to a flats gal?

So while my fabulous heels are collecting dust and quietly call out to me – begging me to grace my feet with them – they just aren’t practical for me anymore. I need quick on, quick off. I thought lathering up two squirmy kids with sunblock was a pain all summer long. It’s nothing on bundling up two kids in coats, hats, socks and shoes while they protest and scream and throw fits the whole time. It usually takes me at least 20 mins, and ends with me red faced, sweaty, and supremely annoyed. But I am determined to get outside with them as much as possible.

So once I’ve accomplished this enormous and nobel peace prize winning feat- properly dressing two kids for cold weather – there is no time for shoes that take time (laces, zippers, forget it).  And of course, I also need shoes that are practical for long walks pushing 2 kids in stroller (you’re looking at about 70 combined pounds), stomping through leaves, random rain showers, etc.

So the question of practicality and comfort comes into play and complicates everything.

Yet I refuse to dress frumpy and lacking in style every day. It’s true. I LOVE seeing ambush makeovers on the Today Show – but I just don’t understand how anyone has an excuse to let themselves go and not get a haircut in 10 years. There’s no excuse. So, being one year behind in purchasing shoes and having no appropriately stylish stay-at-home mom shoes, I peeled into the Nordstrom half-yearly sale as fast as my tires could burn rubber turning the corner.

My list of requirements was long but I was determined and committed to the goal: stylish and practical shoes.

First, I considered Uggs. I have never been drawn to them and always felt they were over priced but figured, if I’ll be wearing them every day, maybe they are the perfect shoe for me – easy on and off, no heel, not sneakers, but still stylish.  Or at least popular.

So I tried them on.

And immediately started sweating. Before I tried to properly dress two squirming insane red heads.

The Uggs were then immediately ruled out. Perhaps if I lived in a colder climate but it doesn’t get that cold here and there is no way I can walk around sweating my ass off. It’s bad enough my hair is butt and I am red faced and sweaty all summer long  – I don’t need my shoes doing that to me all winter. We’ll leave that to my kids doing that to me.

So I moved on.

I tore through the sale wracks at Nordstrom and I didn’t even really clean up after myself. I was a gal on a mission.

And it was truly love at first sight.  Drumroll please……..

For the cooler fall and winter days, I came away with these practical yet still stylish boots.  They come on and off easily, there is no zipper, and I can easily wear them under or over pants.

For the not as cool days, I came away with these fabulous and super comfortable flats. They hug my feet so perfectly, I honestly feel like I am walking in slippers.

And the bottom line is this – add a scarf or a piece of jewelry and with the right shoes, any outfit can go from lame and boring, to stylish and cute. It’s all about the accessories.

There you go, if the shoe fits, buy it.

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