Celebrity Mom BFF

An email from a friend made me realize I am not alone here. Maybe I need therapy but then again, I think it’s more like group counseling because I know I am not alone here people.

So admit it, who is your celebrity mom BFF?

You know you have one.

She’s either someone who you enjoy seeing photographed with her kiddo because of her style, because of how she dresses herself and her kid, because of the activities you see her doing – or in my case, all of the above and the fact that she had her babies around the same time as you.

I know. I know. It is SO PATHETIC. But ‘fess up here, you do it too.

Mine is totally Jenny Garner. One friend even pointed out that I’m totally ahead of myself because I’m calling her Jenny….haaaaa. The one thing that would be really awkward in our friendship is the fact that I met her husband last year and he is beyond hot. Ridiculously hot in person.  Me, of non-stop talking ability and opinions, was dumbstruck and incapable of playing it cool around him. In case you don’t believe me, I’m inserting the picture from the Google inaugural party. And the other gal in this shot is either a total stalker. Or a BFF of mine. You decide. But she’s the one looking overly excited. I’m the one with the extra baby weight having recently delivered my second child.

So me and Jenny Garner are totally BFFs. We both had girls and in both cases, born within weeks of each other. I love seeing pics of her out with her kids because she always looks so normal. She’s always in jeans and tenny’s, grocery shopping or at the park. I know this because we are friends. And in terms of her style, I get it.  Despite all my best efforts, it doesn’t make sense to me to get all dolled up when I spend my days getting glitter glue painted on me and baby food tossed all over my sweater. Me and JG, we are sympatico. I totally know it.

So whose yours? There are so many. And if you tell me it’s Heidi Klum because you were strutting the catwalk 6 weeks later, I’ll believe you. I promise.

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