The Bermuda Triangle

Where good clothes go to die.

Feel me here people?

I know many people have this problem with one kid  – especially baby socks – where do they go after you put them in the washing machine? But that never really bothered me. It’s been the addition of a second child, more laundry, and matching girl clothes that is slowly becoming the death of me. Where do these clothes go? And why does buying matching hot pink leggings seem like such a good idea in the store? Because when they are washed and folded, they look the same, so then they inevitably end up going in the wrong drawer in the wrong room…and then when it’s the only thing you want to put them in that day, you can only find them in the size you don’t need.

This keeps happening to me….specifically with DD2s clothes…specifically with items that are particularly cute. The vortex that sucks in laundry doesn’t have a taste for stupid socks or random underwear. No, it wants that cute sweatshirt with a cupcake on the front…..or those hot pink leggings that go with that super cute dress. It’s a snobby black hole, it seems.

So how is it that I end up spending what little free time I have, tearing apart the house, looking for these random pieces of clothes? Cause I’m doing it….and I know I’m not alone….and my mom, the woman who raised four children, is an excellent resource in ideas on random places these clothes end up, cause this laundry vortex is most definitely  not just my cross to bear in life.

“Have you checked the linen closet? I bet the leggings attached to a fitted sheet and they’re folded in there, fitted sheets are the worst”


So first thing this morning, before I even have coffee, I am tearing apart the linen closet. I am even looking inside the christmas duvet cover that I recently washed in case they got tangled up in there. It is now about more than just finding pink leggings. It is an obsession. I will not rest until I find them.

Cause I found the cupcake sweatshirt – like 4 months after I started looking for it – tangled up in a corner of DD1s  closet….even though it’s DD2’s sweatshirt.

But no, no sign of the leggings in the linen closet.

“Have you looked on the side of the dryer against the wall in the laundry room?” says my mom today, as she’s getting an update on my hunt for the pink leggings.


Another brilliant idea. Except the part where there could be spiders down there and that calls into question my obsession.  But I will go look for I will not rest until they are found.

Though I’ll likely end up buying a few extra pairs of pink leggings until the day they are found…and then the missing pair will show up after I buy the new ones. Mark my words.

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