Dog Days

Though the media would have you believe we’re like 2 days into our second heat wave of the summer, the rest of us living it  realize that we’re like 8 weeks into a perpetual, ongoing, never-ending, horrendous, humid-suffocating summer. Each day I think it’s got to break and each day it doesn’t….and suddenly I’m realizing….I have bad hair, a bad attitude and cranky kids acting like this.

Is it winter, minus the bad hair part? Oh and the heat. Because I sure am feeling the similarities…..we are stuck inside because the weather is too horrible to go outside, we are getting sick of indoor activities, and we are getting really CRANKY.

I’ve also decided my blog is aptly anticonvulsant named…not because I’m all hip and tech savvy and cool but because my hair has looked like a lion’s mane every day since Memorial Day.

But not a brave roaring lion queen.or a sexy pool goddess…instead I look like this.

Is that hot?

I didn’t think so.

Am I alone in longing for fall? The crisp mornings, the warm afternoons, the cords, the fabulous fall sweaters, I’d even happily rake  leaves right now if it were only October. I am beyond living in the moment, I am officially over summer 2010.

I am certain that come Fall 2010, my hair will look like this and my children will be seen acting only like this.
Are you with me?

One Response to Dog Days
  1. Emma
    July 25, 2010 | 3:32 pm

    Oh dear kitty – as I sat in my stylist’s chair yesterday I lamented at my frizz and begged her to sell me something overpriced that would tame my wild ass locks…she sighed and then said “honey, we’re all in this together and it’s not going to get any better til October”. FML.

    I’m with you on the indoor stuff. I’m tired of coloring, building things with Play Doh and watching Cars over and over again.

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