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My kids keep sabotaging my efforts to blog…..so bear with me friends. Seeing as how every celebrity under the sun seems to be pregnant or delivering a baby, it’s time for a little rant.  My friend started it today when she emailed this in:

Did Miranda kerr and Orlando have to release a first photo of their newborn as he is nursing?  I’m so over people making statements like that. And I’m oddly annoyed that nicolle kidman used a surrogate. She carried a child to term 2 years ago. Or did she really?  She trying to save her rail thin figure?  Or did she really have trouble and therefor absolutely had to use a surrogate?  And kelly preston used her own eggs at 48?  Hmmm mmm. That’s my rant for the day

So – friends – what’s your reaction to my BFF’s rant? I, for one, pretty much am in full-agreement with her. Come the f on Miranda Kerr…..that picture was about you and how beautiful you are and your lovely postpartum breast. It really wasn’t about the baby, who we’d all like to actually see. And if you want to make a statement about the beauty and importance of breastfeeding, then do something productive, like use your celebrity platform to discuss the importance of women having private spaces to nurse in the workplace so they can keep nursing after maternity leave (if they get maternity leave).

And Nicole, sure, is it really our business to know whether or not you could get pregnant or whether or not you just didn’t want to ruin your body? Probably not. But well, you want us to watch your movies and buy your husband’s albums (if you do that, probably stop reading my blog), so we’re going to judge you.

And Kelly Preston. I heard her very briefly on the Today Show today discussing how she wasn’t at all nervous about having a healthy baby given her “advanced maternal age.” Umm…really? REALLY  KELLY?? How in the hell could that be true? And I kept wondering – is it a really great thing that she was pregnant at 47-48 and delivered a very healthy baby into this world and wasn’t worried at all about it. Or is that bullshit and she was scared out of her mind the entire time but didn’t want to share it? I’m a realist. How could you NOT be worried the entire time? Then again, what does that prove? It doesn’t change the outcome.

So then she leaves us with a very productive conversation about advanced maternal age. Do older celebrities birthing healthy babies skew our perspective on this possibility? Do they feed this idea out there that having a baby beyond 40 is simple and beautiful? It might be but it might be a really difficult road (Read the side paragraph in that link about pregnancy in late 40s).  Is it the job of older mom celebs to talk about it? Probably  not but might it help shed some light onto that road, specifically the expense of IVF, freezing eggs, or finding a surrogate?

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