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We seem to be approaching that time of year in my world and I’m not just talking Christmas. Both my girls are November birthdays and because they are tracked specifically by seasonal birthdays in the early years at their preschool, it seems with the fall come endless weekends of birthday parties. The inevitable question of – what do I get Child X for their birthday arises – and I struggle. Surely I can’t be alone – it’s often especially difficult to pick out gifts for kids who are a different gender or age than your own. The other thing I struggle with is how much to spend – is it really  necessary to spend more than $10 or $15 for another kid’s birthday gift – but you don’t want to show up with a flimsy looking cheap gift.  And if you live anywhere near one of those discount stores, like Tuesday Morning, you run the risk of being one of 4 people who show up to the party with the same $4.99 game that looks like it cost more money.  Right?

 So, again, today, I bring you another sweet deal idea from Plum District DC because well, I couldn’t resist. This week’s deal  is from a site I hadn’t previously heard of, Creative Kidstuff, and by spending $15, you get a coupon worth $30 for the site. As with any of these deals, I always hop onto the vendor’s web site first to poke around, see what they offer and if any of it will appeal to my kids or their friends. After checking out the Creative Kidstuff site, I knew this deal was gold – I could either score a fantastic bday party gift reserved for one of my kids’ super close friends, for $15 or I can purchase something for one of the girls for their birthdays. The SmartMax Magnetic Discovery Building Set specifically caught my eye because normally I wouldn’t spend $60 on it, but if I could essentially get it for $30, then I feel like that is a real deal for a smart, educational and fun looking toy that will appeal to both kids.

If you are on the hunt for a great bargain for any occasion for boys and girls alike, then I’d swoop up this deal from Plum – and hurry up – it expires in one more day.

Disclosure: Through my partnership with Plum District DC, they gifted this deal to me – but you  know me – I wouldn’t be telling you about it if I didn’t think it was awesome. My thoughts here are my own.

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