Inside the Mind of the American Husband

Almost two months ago, my oldest started Kindergarten and we moved my youngest into a big girl bed. Dismantling the crib and sending a kid off on a school bus in the span of 48 hours was too much for this gal to take.

Fast forward to today. How do I feel about it?

Well, I’ve had trouble missing the crib because it moved about 15 feet from inside her room to here:

Does a dismantled crib belong in a hallway?

You got it. My husband very efficiently took her crib apart and set up the big girl bed. Then moved the crib parts into the hall. And there it all sits. Day in, day out. He goes up there every single day. Does he not see it? Note the crib sheet remains on the crib mattress. Is it a mirage? Am I parched in the desert, envisioning a mess that no one else sees?

I asked him when he’ll move it.

“When I get around to it,” he casually replied.

So I wait. On this one, I am waiting to see just how long it can sit there. Or just how long I can stand looking at it before I lose it. Am I alone, people? It’s been in the hallway since August 30. If I moved it onto his side of the bed, do you think he would put it away or maybe just move it to the floor next to the bed? I’m known for many things but subtle is not one of them.

When our office chandelier needs a new bulb, somehow my husband thinks it’s easier to retrieve a bulb from this eyesore hallway chandelier, that sits approximately 40 feet from the ground, and put it in the office chandelier, instead of just getting a new bulb and replacing the old one. Exhibit B:

What happens when all the bulbs go out?

Do you see the dismantled crib in the background of this shot? Brilliant.

Why do they do this, these husbands? Do they all love the short-cut because I know it’s not my unique cross to bear.  Is there some secret conspiracy they are all bound too, like blood brothers? And to be fair, my husband is a great dad, he is engaged, he plays with them, he has endless patience and I’ve often noted the importance of traveling with your manny. But what is it about half-done home projects?

Speak up, husbands. We are curious.

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4 Responses to Inside the Mind of the American Husband
  1. Asti
    October 17, 2011 | 4:33 pm

    Thank goodness it is just not my husband! But I still just do not get it with these men :)

  2. mjg
    October 17, 2011 | 4:45 pm

    That is not only very funny it is so very true. Husbands need constant guidance unless they rather remain in the dog house.

  3. No Drama Mama
    October 19, 2011 | 2:57 pm

    Ahhh, boys. I hate stereotypes, but this one just fits my husband exactly. I boxed up Miss L’s baby clothes, um…a year ago. And they are still sitting in the hall, waiting to go to the basement, where he PROMISED A YEAR AGO he would put them. Occassionaly Miss L takes them out of the box and tries them on, leaving a huge mess behind–which I of course clean up. But I will not move those clothes to the basement. I. WILL. NOT.

  4. […] on my children in 2012 because even though I am awesome, I fall short in a few areas. Husbands are part of the problem of things not being…ahem…neat (need I remind you of the dis-mantled crib that remained […]

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