Kim Kardashian Divorce – Egg on Face of E! Entertainment

Here’s the thing, on this one, I’d be lying if I said I hate to say I told you so. So I won’t. Because any one of us could have made a mint off placing a bet that the Kim Kardashian disgrace, sham of a wedding, would swiftly end in divorce.

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Way back on August 29, I mouthed off against the repulsive excess that was her wedding, the shame the execs at E! Entertainment (I mistakenly thought this stupid special aired on Bravo, so I was trashing NBC Universal unfairly yesterday) should feel for spending upwards of $20 million on the rights for her wedding, when so many people are jobless and homeless in this country. More to the point, for reasons that escape me (and notably President Obama) entirely, young girls, in particular, care about the Kardashian sisters. They watch them and unfortunately they are learning things like money and body equate to happiness and success, marriages can be bought and you can resolve difficult times by walking away instead of putting in some hard work. Kim, in particular, has become famous for not much more than her body, from what  I can tell, and within the past two weeks Matt Laurer was swooning over her, asking her for marital bliss insights, on the Today Show. Clearly all in an effort to further promote the Kardashian wedding special airing that weekend.

Meanwhile, Kim answered the questions, playing the coy blissful bride, while the ink was probably wet on her divorce papers.

It was so obvious to me that her sham marriage to make money would end soon after the wedding special aired in October but even cynical me didn’t think it would end a mere 2 weeks later. Kim – ratings whore – you could have at least celebrated your first holiday season as a blushing bride. Think of the ratings during the November sweeps month, people would have tuned in to watch you fumble over making something in the kitchen for your new groom, or to see what you were wearing for your first Christmas as a married couple. Frankly, I’m amazed money-hungry-ratings-whoring Kim didn’t realize what a missed opportunity that was to just prolong her sham marriage. Shots of her acting like a vixen version of Betty Crocker would have been a sweeps hit.

But let’s be serious for a minute. The idea of paying someone to get married for a ratings win, particularly someone who has enormous influence on young girls, during a deep and prolonged recession, is disgraceful. The corporate attorneys should have at least been savvy enough to anticipate the PR disgrace that would follow a $20 million wedding special ending in divorce in the same month and written into the contract that they must remain married at least through the end of the year. This “marriage” ended after 72 days.

So if Mrs. Obama recently said she doesn’t mind her girls watching the Kardashian show on E! so long as they learn something from it, then hopefully what we’re all learning is that if our girls are watching this garbage on TV, they should learn that giving up on marriage isn’t an option after 72 days, that marrying for reasons other than love isn’t ever a good idea, and just because you’re on TV doesn’t mean you are worthy of being there. And to the executives who egregiously agreed to pay her to get married, I said it back in August and I’ll say it again now, I hope you’re fired and then forced to give the equivalent amount to charities around this country that support the people who actually need the money.

4 Responses to Kim Kardashian Divorce – Egg on Face of E! Entertainment
  1. Jules
    October 31, 2011 | 8:41 pm

    Amen. We were just talking about how there are no positive women role models on tv-especially shows targeting younger age groups. They all seem to be what men think strong women should be – hypersexualized,, catty, and/or violent. What happened to Murphy brown? Claire huxtable? On tv women are so narrowly defined, often thru a very sexist lens parading as strong confident women. I think this is a confusing and ultimately dangerous message.

  2. chrissy
    October 31, 2011 | 9:48 pm

    Let’s not forget to mention that this sham of a marriage also comes at a time when same-sex couples are fighting for their right to marry. Legitimate, loving couples who conservatives would like to argue ruin the sanctity of marriage simply because the union would not be between a man and a woman, are denied rights to legal recognition of their relationship. Yet we’ve got this going on with the Kardashians? How does that not ruin the sanctity of marriage?

  3. Magdalena Goldies
    November 2, 2011 | 1:29 am

    Please anyone can see whats to come. I’d lay odds that in a month or two headlines will be asking if Kim is a mommy to be. Then she’ll confess she forgot to take her pill and got pregnant during that brief marriage. New show…”Ki­m plus 1″. Baby gets the Kardashian name and likely all the classlessness to go along with it and the horror show continues for another generation­. And if your still wondering what really happened ill tell you how it played out. Kim and her hubby took a cable station for 18 million dollars, scammed their “wedding guests” out of gifts, then filed for divorce hoping and knowing that they’ll be offered a divorce reality show. These reality shows are getting ridiculous and when I hear that kids consider the Kardashians people of status and influence I want to throw my television out the window.

  4. mjg
    November 10, 2011 | 4:04 pm

    Actually, I give Kim K created for making 20 million and outwitting all those dumb TV executives. Now if she were smart she would share her excesses with the less fortunate which are many these days. However, we all know that will never happen.

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