Oh…the weather outside is frightful…

Actually, the weather is awesome. But my motto is, if it’s chilly enough to wear boots or a cardigan, then it’s not too soon to start talking and thinking about the holiday season. And as my avid fans know, I love presents and I love paper and I love cards.  In fact, I delight in spending time browsing card stores and purchasing wrapping papers for occasions that have not yet – and possibly might not ever – happen.  I am in my happy place when surrounded by these items…or shopping for them online…like I will be doing for much of today when I peruse today’s amazing PlumDistrict deal featuring the beautiful papers and accessories designed by Erin Condren.

C’est vrai. And I am not ashamed to start talking about holiday-related things in October, though I was seriously irritated to see Christmas decorations in Target back in September when the humidity was thick and relentless.

beautiful things...fabulous colors...

So back to Kwanza-Christ-ma-Kuh…no matter what it is you celebrate in December, odds are you celebrate SOMETHING….and along with holiday cheer, beautifully wrapped gifts and fabulous holiday outfits come cards…and gift labels…and adorable return address labels that match the theme of the card inside that pearly envelope.

Given that the season of giving is coming at us at warp speed, today’s post is extra fun because I have a gift for you, my dear readers and hardcore fans, even for my enemies, so long as you love paper and pretty things. My gift today will make you feel warm and fuzzy – like that champagne you’ll enjoy in your super fab fashion-forward holiday outfit, at that adults-only party you’ll be heading off too.  Frankly, I ask you this, shouldn’t our holiday card be as fabulous and elegant as our holiday outfits? I think so. Shouldn’t the return address label be as snazzy and eye-catching as the card you spent so much time working on?  Not to mention the blood, sweat and tears that went into forcing the perfect family picture for the holiday card? Truthfully, I could easily argue that the return address label sets the tone for the interior contents of said card….wouldn’t Martha Stewart agree?

Aren’t we lucky, then, to have the beautiful creations of Erin Condren at our disposal and to have PlumDistrict DC here to make her prices even more accessible? Earlier this summer, I purchased my first items from Erin Condren through Plum District and I LOVE them. I went with a round return address label and stickers for birthday presents. The items are colorful, bright and stylish. I didn’t stop there, however. My little sister just celebrated her first wedding anniversary…true…my favorite themed one because of PAPER…so what did I do? I logged onto Erin Condren’s site and swooped up some fabulous return address labels stylishly suited for a hip, young married couple living in Brooklyn and threw in some labels for her photography business. Let’s not kid ourselves, anniversary gifts are really just for the wife, and I knew these items would make her as happy as they make moi.

So imagine my delight in bringing this news to you today: today’s amazing deal with Plum District features Erin Condren – spend $25 to get $50 worth of goodies on the Erin Condren site. But wait…wait..there’s more. On top of the amazing deal, exclusive just to my fans and frenemies, I can offer you an extra $8 off code – but this code is good only for the early birds – so don’t hesitate – purchase your deal now so that you don’t miss this extra discount. You have to be among the first 100 special paper lovers to score this extra discount. To redeem the extra $8 off, enter WIRED into the promo code section of Plum’s site – and this code can only be used once per person. Spending $17 to get $50 worth of beautiful products is seriously a steal. Just think, the more you save now, the more you can spend on yourself when holiday shopping, assuming you also ascribe to the “one for you, three for me”  philosophy…

Currently, I am coveting these Christmas card labels, and I could basically pick at least 5 of these gift labels (seriously, the bells will be ringing one? adorable) or these note pads for Grandma with pictures of her sweet grandkids on them or these customized iPhone cases make for a great holiday gift (hint hint),  and then this customized teacher lesson planner for a holiday teacher gift? Should I keep going? Because I could. Probably all day long.

If you are a paper lover, if you love a deal, if you want to get a jump-start on what is a totally chaotic time of year – then today’s deal – with the extra $8 savings – is a great way to kick-off the week, right? I thought so.

Happy Shopping friends….and don’t forget.. feel free to “Like” the Wired Momma Facebook page to keep up with my shenanigans, my love of all things paper and really any other fun thing that could be happening.

Disclaimer: While today’s extra $8 off coupon is exclusive just to Wired Momma readers, Plum District gifted me the Erin Condren deal. Of course, I’ve also purchased items from her site with my own hard-earned cash, so if I didn’t love her stuff, you know I wouldn’t be talking about it here.

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