Growing up Girl: Societal Pressure, Messages & Parents

This week, MomsRising started a campaign against Gymboree’s new onesies bragging about baby being smart thanks to daddy…without any similar onesies noting baby’s smarts from mommy. MomsRising rightfully questions the harm of these kinds of negative gender stereotypes and starting them so young in life. Conicidentally, this week, my piece posted on HuffPost DC is about raising girls and the role of culture, friends, and parents in influencing how our girls come to understand their place in the world. I was horrified by the things I found in my research for this week’s piece: did you know parents buy thong underwear for 9-year-olds? Or that 4-year-olds think  they are fat?

What the?

Great that Barbie is a doctor but why is she dressed like a slut?

How the?

I hope you’ll read my piece…and share..or comment…or like on Facebook…or just read….oh…and in case you are wondering what my conclusion is: I think parents are insane if they buy their little girls thongs. And also, this all started because my 6-year-old one day informed me only boys are funny, not girls….and a few days later informed me only boys have muscles, not girls.


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  1. Kristen
    November 17, 2011 | 9:24 pm

    I just saw that Barbie set at the store last night. I was really surprised (ok, shocked) that little girls are wearing THONGS!! As the mom of two little girls, I appreciate all that you offer as far as insight!

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