Enough Already of “Work-Life Balance”

I'm losing count of how many times I've used this image but doesn't it say it all?

For today’s blog post, I hope you’ll click on over to my piece on HuffPost DC about work-life “balance” – a word I loathe, despise and wish would just be deleted from our vocabulary (in this context). I also can’t stand mommy guilt, for what it’s worth.

Anyhow – please read and share and comment and tell me what you think!

2 Responses to Enough Already of “Work-Life Balance”
  1. Kristen
    December 8, 2011 | 1:50 pm

    I love your line – “Own your choice, be proud of your decision and be realistic about its consequences on your career or your family.” I have just been thinking about the “Christmas Balance” and how hard it is this time to year to manage all the juggling and expectations at home and at work. Instead of calling my next blog post “Christmas Balance”, I’ll call it “Christmas Choices”!

  2. Monica Sakala
    December 8, 2011 | 1:53 pm

    Kristen –
    Love that idea! I am copying it bc Christmas CHOICES had me stressed out – big time – last night. Good call. Sounds like the making of another blog post topic!!! Thank you!!
    -Monica (WM)

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