Winter Fun Week: Get Your Skate On

Forget the iPad and the iPod and the interactive 3D movies and all the cool things that technology can bring to the lives of children – put it all away – let it collect dust and instead, for the second idea in Winter Fun Week – get your skates on.

Seriously, if you didn’t love roller skating as a kid, then maybe we aren’t meant to be. Because I LOVED roller skating. And my sister excelled in the old shooting duck move, like this:

Despite what you might believe, this is actually not my older sister. Though she might want you to think it is.

I was probably a little too chubby – but whatever the case may be – I didn’t perfect the old shooting duck move as a kid. But that doesn’t mean my kids can’t attempt it. So I was super psyched when some friends suggested we take the girls roller skating on MLK Day. The plan was hatched to trek to Odenton, MD (I still don’t really know where that is) for the open skate from 12-2pm, admission only $2 per person. Unfortunately, by the time Monday rolled around, my kids were so burned out from me dragging them to far too many weekend activities that they requested to opt out of skating for a day at home. I could hear my husband’s loud exhalation of relief ripple through the house. Trust me, he was going. It wasn’t an optional outing (recall: never leave your manny at home otherwise you won’t have time to gossip).

When I saw my friends later that evening (note: these are the sister wives from the annual Deep Creek trip who have failed to deliver on their promises of delicious recipes for me to share with my beloved readers), they said the roller skating trip was a huge success. The girls all loved it, the husbands loved it, and we made plans to go again soon. Though I’m pretty sure no one really knows where Odenton is. They said it wasn’t too crowded either, in case you were wondering, seeing as how it was a federal holiday.

When was the last time you went roller skating?? Lucky for you, in case you aren’t willing to trek to Odenton, MD, here’s a link to all the roller skating rinks around the beltway.  And seriously – what a fun activity for the kids – the roller skates aren’t nearly as uncomfortable as the ice skates, the rink isn’t cold, it’s a beloved activity from our childhood and we’re getting them out of the house and sparing ourselves from cabin fever.

Also, noteworthy, I dare you to go dressed like her next time:

Yes..that is Kate Middleton rockin the 80s at the skating rink.

I bet my sister will totally take me up on that challenge to dress like Princess Kate. And speaking of, I googled adult skate because why does winter fun have to be just about the twerps? I stumbled upon a group that took a party bus to adult 80s skate somewhere in Manassas…umm….why aren’t we all doing that? What a great date/night out??  Should I organize it? Who’s in?

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2 Responses to Winter Fun Week: Get Your Skate On
  1. Micaela Williamson
    January 18, 2012 | 6:22 pm

    If you organize it, I will come.

  2. Film Geek
    January 18, 2012 | 6:37 pm

    One can never roller skate enough. Especially if you can find a rink that is DJ-ed by a guy with a mullet. SCORE! And for a complimentary evening out, check out ROLLER DERBY with the DC Roller Girls: They are an amazing community of supportive, empowered women of all shapes and sizes who are out for a good old-fashioned, slightly combative, roll around the rink.

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