Winter Reading Week: To eBook with kids or not?

If you’re a WM FB fan (and if you’re  not, you’re totally missing out), then you know that I’ve declared this week Winter Reading Week. Come on, who doesn’t love a good theme, and also, I’ve gotten some of our favorite kid books of all times from friends’ suggestions or as gifts, so let’s share the love leading up to Valentine’s Day and reveal our secrets. Odds are most of you have suggestions that the rest of us haven’t yet heard. So before I get started on eBooks & print books, I’d love for you to send me an email with your favorite kids books (please include the ages the kids loved the books!!), this includes eBooks or amazing educational apps (sadly, we have enough of Angry Birds or Killing Zombies here, to my horror) or if you’d rather share your totally awesome tips for making reading fun and creative, please do send me those and Friday will be WM “loves her readers & their awesome suggestions” day. Email moi:

One of the I'm In It Personalized Books options..great way to prepare for school

So because I am totally cutting edge and hip, I wanted to kick off this week with eBooks. Either you do or you don’t with your kids. Last November, I read this article  in the NYT with great interest. In a nutshell, eBooks for kids aren’t as widely accepted as eBooks for adults, even among adults who only read books on their iPads or Nooks. By no means am I an early adopter of technology, so we are 99% traditional book readers with kids in my house but not because I’m opposed to it. I certainly wouldn’t picture myself nuzzling up with a newborn in a rocking chair with my iPad, ever, but on a road trip with my 6-year-old, if she wants to read an eBook, then I am all for it.

Before Christmas, I was lucky enough to connect with a local DC area mom, Radhika Murari, who is blazing a trail in children’s eBooks with personalized eBooks called “I’m in It!”. In fact, Radhika had her “ah ha moment” almost one year ago to the day – last February 8, 2011. She told me that  motherhood inspired this business because she was trying to follow the recommendation of her pediatrician to avoid TV time for kids under the age of 2-years-old. On long trips to the zoo and around town, Radhika would tell her son stories in the car. Her stories then evolved into stories with his name in it and she realized that kids really do respond when their name is in a story. And who are we kidding,  not just kids, after all, because  moi loves moi, you say “Wired Momma” and I say “Who me?  Oh yes, I am listening….” You know you’re the same…

So on that day last February, Radhika likened her “ah ha moment” to playing Tetrus and felt the pieces of her puzzle all falling into place. With experience in books and technology, she talked with a software developer and launched her business. Monthly she offers a new feature book and printable coloring pages. She also encourages feedback from other moms and learned that her eBooks are great birthday gifts for other kids but no one likes showing up empty-handed to a birthday party, so now you can print a personalized greeting card from the picture book to bring to the party.

For other family members interested in giving these books as gifts, you can record a personalized audio message on the first page of the book, which is really ideal for Grandparents or parents in the military. As Radhika spoke with me about her business, I really appreciated it when she said “Women think they can’t do things but before you know it, you look back, and it’s done.”

Couldn’t agree with her more.

So whether you are an eBook fanatic or opponent, I think eBooks are just going to continue to grow in popularity for kids and I enjoyed connecting with this local mom and entrepreneur who is forging her own path in this field. These books are compatible with iPads, Androids, Nook readers or Macs and PCs.  The books retail for $3.99 and Radhika is generously offering my readers 50% off to try one of her books, here’s the code to enter to receive the discount: ImInIt-41

So what do you think:  Are you eBook fans in your house for the kids? Would love to hear why or why not. And don’t forget to share your favorite books, apps or reading tips with me before the end of the week, if you’d love a to be included in Super Fan Friday.

Until then, like Moi on Facebook to keep up with the fun and frolic. Winter Reading Week continues all week…..

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  1. Kristen
    February 6, 2012 | 5:12 pm

    Interesting discussion. We have an iPad and now a Kindle so I have been toying with the idea of eBooks for my 8 year old. Of course that would mean I would have to part with said iPad or Kindle for whatever amount of time it took her to read the book – ha! I still think there is something about turning those pages on a “real” book. But give me a year or two!

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