WM Reading: Train Wreck Edition

Busy week….spring break officially started for my younger one…so instead of a full post from moi today, you get link love.  Don’t you love getting a glimpse into the mind of  moi and what piques my interest on the vast inter web?

C’est vrai. I know you do. So without further a due……

Reality Star/Train Wreck Michelle Duggar….sees no problem with having 19 children and believes the population of the world could all fit shoulder-to- shoulder in Jacksonville, Florida.

I can’t make this shit up.

Overpopulation Anyone?

My issue with her isn’t about population control, it’s about pretending like you have the time to raise each kid. Who is she kidding? You have that many kids, it means the older kids are raising the younger kids. I can’t be convinced otherwise. But I’d love for someone to try to convince me.

January Jones ate her placenta. And despite what you might think, placenta eating in the United States, while common in other cultures, is not a new trend with today’s hippie yuppie or attention-seeking celebrity…in fact, a quick search of Al Gore’s vast inter web revealed this really helpful list of recipes, which dates back to Mothering Magazine in 1983, should you choose to nosh on your own placenta.

And just when you thought it had been made clear to mothers everywhere, ad nauseum, that we are role models and influencers for our young girls on how they view their own bodies and develop healthy relationships with food, Vogue published this article about an insane and horrible woman who put her 7-year-old daughter on a Weight Watchers Diet.

I judge. Oh, clearly, I love to judge this week.

Final thing – by now you probably know that I am thrilled to be part of the debut of Listen To Your Mother DC on May 6. Last night we had the first cast read through and I was blown away by the talent, the stories and the other women in the show. It will absolutely be a lovely afternoon and I hope you come – men and women – not just mothers! DC is a town of talented writers and they will be on display on May 6. Don’t miss it!!!

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