Date Night: Summer Style

Unfortunately I haven’t had any more time to write this week, so I am recycling a post from last summer with some of my top favorite date night ideas. Bottom line:  Forget the kids, today’s post is meant to inspire you and your beloved to head out for a sweet date night. So with that, I bring you the WM top three favorite dates for DC lovers:

1. For the food lover, if you haven’t already, head to Founding Farmers, located right next to the World Bank (2012 update: surely by now everyone knows of the second Founding Farmers location in Potomac).  You’ll need to make your reservation well in advance to secure a table but it’s worth it – the food is delicious and I love the restaurant’s premise of bringing food straight from the farms. Most important – the drinks are divine – and the price is right. I’d call the atmosphere eco-chic, so you can really pull off any outfit from casual to diva-glam.

Do you really have better plans on a Sat night than 80s?

2. For the retired rockstars, definitely head for a night of 80s rock and hear the Legwarmers (2012 update: last weekend they celebrated their 10th anniversary, which I am sorry to have missed but I still urge you to hit a Legwarmers show this summer). This band is one of my all time favorites – not only are they brilliant with 80s covers but they are true performers, each band member is a certain persona and really embodies that character the entire time, down to their outfits and dance moves. I mean – not only are we sweaty messes rocking out in front next to stage right but we are usually cracking up. Also – they pick songs that appeal to the female 80s lover and the male 80s lover – think Blondie or Belinda Carlisle to G’n’R or Def Leppard.  Oh – and be sure you dress 80s for the show.

3. For the athletic types, I’d recommend sunset kayaking along the Potomac. I purchased this as part of a LivingSocial deal last summer and then later wondered what in the world I’d gotten us into. Turns out, it became one of our favorite dates of all time. It was lovely evening, though I wasn’t super keen on the dirty waters of the Potomac being flicked into my always sleek and never disheveled  hair in our double kayak. The views of the monuments are fabulous and really, it’s not an angle you see often, unless you usually kayak to Roosevelt Island. We cruised around the Island as the sun was setting, I was happy to be in the two-seater because much as I run and spin, I’m not much for arm strength and lots of paddling. And it was a quiet, peaceful way to spend time together.

What are your favorite DC date nights in the summer? Would love to know.

3 Responses to Date Night: Summer Style
  1. nikki
    August 4, 2011 | 2:41 pm

    We went to the Tuesday night movie on Bethesda row this week. Redwood had a special Paella special to go with the movie – Vickie Christina Barcelona. So fun and great people watching! I think there are more tuesday night movies throughout Aug!

  2. david
    August 4, 2011 | 4:24 pm

    very nice blog, I am glad I found it

    • Wired Momma
      August 4, 2011 | 7:36 pm

      Nikki – GREAT suggestion. You had me at paella.

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