Summer Truths: Hopes & Dreams…or Reality

I had mixed feelings a few days ago when I first started to see the new Target “Back to School” commercials airing on TV. On some level, it felt like seeing Christmas decorations in October. Is it really already time for back-to-school ads? Isn’t it still just July?
At the same time, is it really JUST JULY….said the other part of my brain.
With a month left to go until schools start again, I’ve noticed some patterns have emerged. Much like we head into vacation with fantasies about what it will be like – you know, relaxing and spending some time together as a family…and then suddenly we are on “vacation” and realize it’s actually just job re-location….I had some pre-conceived notions of summer time possibilities and goals. I’ve also been surprised by some of my children’s habits.
I pretty much need to know I’m not alone.

Haven't read quite this many yet this summer

1. The eldest Wired Momma child’s goal was to read 90 books. I believed it was possible.

Reality: 24 have been read. Most of these on her own volition. I’ve lacked the discipline and structure to impose a mandatory learning time on her day – or let’s be honest – some vague sense of structure over the course of the week.
2. We were going to do writing and math homework every day.
Reality: Ummm…not so much. Again, this one falls on me. She’s only 6.
3. I was going to take them on exciting adventures to explore DC.
Reality: Does moving and going to the pool pretty regularly count? We’ve gone no where. My big goal for this week is to get them to the zoo.
4. Youngest WM was going to learn to write her name.
Reality: We haven’t practiced.

The constant grazing drives me nuts.

5. My children are like cows. They eat all day long. Constantly. I swore this wasn’t going to happen. I threatened at each meal if they didn’t finish what was on their plates, they would get nothing until the next meal. I am full of shit. Feeding them drives me nuts. I have now declared the weekends a feeding-free zone. I just don’t do it. The second they start demanding anything, I walk away and let it be Mr. Wired Momma’s problem.

What have you discovered this summer?

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