Final Stretch of Summer: Indoor Activity Fun

I don’t know about you but I just cannot believe Back to School really is around the corner. Some mornings, I am thrilled with this realization. Other days, I am actually sad about it and dread the stress of getting everyone out the door on TIME. So, with a few weeks left in summer, if you’re anything like me and looking for:

A. A reason to get indoors because everyone has had enough of the pool

B. A fun activity that includes air conditioning

C. A rainy day activity

The evil witch & note use of multi-media in the background with the dwarves. Photo Credit: Bruce Douglas

Look no more friends, here’s an idea for a fun morning – head to the Puppet Co. in Glen Echo Park to see Snow White & the 7 Dwarves, billed as a puppet show appealing to those from Kindergarten through 6th Grade, but in classic moi-form, I ignored the age recommendation and brought my almost four-year-old. Both my girls really enjoyed this 40 minute production which incorporates rod puppets as the dwarves, in this version the dwarves are actually seven bachelors who each have a special power and work for the evil, rotten Queen Rosenrot. The Puppet Co. also uses a multi-media presentation to incorporate the Queen’s magic mirror and enhance the story later in the show. Finally, Snow White and the Prince are performed by live actors.

Noteworthy, I adored the bright red dress the Rose Queen first appears in, showing us only her back, with her absurdly high collar. She was both intimidating and striking in this brilliant costume. My little one kept asking, “When are we going to see the Queen’s face?” but never seeing her face made her all the more scary. Also, the Queen’s son, Prince Stefan, opens the show in a costume fitting only for a Prince in a Grimm fairy tale. Admittedly, I was a little distracted wondering what it would take for me to convince Mr. Wired Momma to wear something similar for Halloween.

The Snow White production was one of the most diverse shows I’ve seen yet at the Puppet Co., in terms of combining puppets, actors and the use of multi-media, which frankly is a remarkable feat in just under 40 minutes.  For skittish kids out there, the witch/Queen did not scare even my youngest one, who despite her love of Superheros and bullying her older sister, actually scares pretty easily. In the end, the dwarves use their special powers to work together to help Snow White and Prince Stefan. I quite enjoyed how the story was altered from the Disney version, where we didn’t meet the Sleepy or Grumpy dwarf but instead encountered these strange seven bachelors who each have a unique (but useful) power. Bottom line: after a week of unpacking and obsessing over paint colors (anyone tired of hearing about my move yet? Cause I am), heading to the Puppet Co. to catch this delightful version of Snow White was a welcome and much-needed break for me and my girls. As for the age recommendation, if you have a real theatre lover, then given the short run-time of this show, I do think kids 4 and up will enjoy the show.

The seven dwarves. Photo Credit: Bruce Douglas

To round out your morning, avid WM readers know that I LOVE any activities at Glen Echo Park. You can combine a great show with a ride (or four) on the carousel, a picnic on the benches, a jaunt to the playground and even a hike down to the creek on your way back to the parking lot.

Details on Snow White:
When: July 21 – Sept. 2
Times: Thursdays & Fridays at 10 & 11:30am; Saturdays & Sundays at 11:30am & 1pm
Where: the Puppet Co. Playhouse
Recommended: K – Grade 6
Running Time: 40 minutes
Tickets: $10 for everyone 2 and older.  Group rates available.
Disclosure: I am proud that the Puppet Co. is one of my newest advertisers on my blog, in addition they gifted the tickets to me and my girls for this show. My opinions here, however, are all my own.

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