Pot Parents

Did anyone else catch the opinion piece this weekend in the New York Times about how smoking pot makes one father a better dad?

Vacations without children make me a better mom.

Sometimes I think alcohol makes me a better mom…or at least it gives me an excuse to keep enjoying my beverage and pretending I don’t hear the epic battle between siblings unfolding in the next room over My Little Ponies.

Anyhow, the article was interesting, in moi’s opinion, because this father was given medical marijuana for back pain and his path to discovery led him to find that not only did it free him of his pain but it unleashed more patience in him, more interest in his children and more creativity to actually play with them.

You could say that whatever it takes to be a better dad, is a good thing because we all know children benefit from undivided attention and play time with parents.

You could also say get over yourself and recognize that you chose to become a parent and no one ever said it was going to be easy or that you’d have any time to yourself – so suck it up and play a little and pack up your patience because that’s your job.

You could say that smoking a little doobie isn’t likely to harm anyone.

Just like uncorking the bottle of wine at the end of a long day in the comforts of your own home isn’t likely to harm anyone.

Except when the day comes when you need it.

Then it’s an addiction.

Or when the day comes when the toddlers suddenly aren’t innocent clueless cherubs anymore but suddenly they are savvy tweens and they wonder why mommy needs to her wine every day or why daddy isn’t fun to hang out with unless he smokes his joint.

Then it’s a little more complicated.

So what do you say? Think smoking dope would make you a better parent? Or do you think this father is on a slippery slope? Especially now that we have medical marijuana in DC? And is this something you consider as you pour your wine with dinner or do you instead think that teaching kids moderation by modeling the behavior is the best way to role model?  Look – I grew up most of my life in Europe – so I have pretty liberal views specifically with drinking in front of kids – but I’d love to know if others read this piece and what you all think.

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