The Uncensored Guide to the ABCs: An 80s Theme for the Letter C

The Gallagher sisters are the following:

  • Snarky
  • Hilarious
  • Sarcastic
  • Pretty
  • Smart

Oh….and we love a theme.

We also love the 80s. Legwarmers, hair spray, neon, Belinda Carlisle, you name it, even Rick Astley.  So, this week, for the “Make sure your kid’s preschool teacher is actually not falling asleep” on the Letter C day, we bring you our best list yet. Move aside lame and boring C day options, we’ve got new ones for you.

For example, what kid needs Cinderella the fairy tale when she could instead have Cinderella the hair band?  Right?

But wait, there’s more. Is your child into more cuddly things? Still searching for the perfect Halloween costume for Dad? Then look no further….we can kill two birds with one stone: CARE BEARS

Because that's not creepy at all

Not into Care Bears? Who can forget the furor over Cabbage Patch Dolls….and let’s make this one even more current:

That's right, a Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch doll

Now, if we haven’t given you some compelling C words to think about, there’s always:



Cold War

rubik’s CUBE


C. Thomas Hall

the Cure

Cosby Show (note: I still love catching re-runs of the Cosby Show)

Teen Heart Throb Corey Haim. Take that Justin Bieber...the 80s boy toy heart throbs really did have cool hair.

Corey Haim

Corey Feldman

Culture Club

Cyndi Lauper

Captain & Tennille

Cutting Crew


Cassette tape….I dare someone to dig up their old mixed tape they made for their boyfriend and send it in with their kid. If you do this, we will invite you to a private, exclusive, super fun happy hour with -why – the Gallagher sisters. Nothing could be more fun! But you’ll have to share the playlist with us first.

With that, I’ve posted some pretty hilarious pictures on the Wired Momma Facebook page this week. If you haven’t liked the page, please do because we keep it light there. I’m including the most popular Someecard I’ve posted yet, below…..because I’d hate for anyone to miss out on the fun:

And seriously….dig up those old casette tapes. And share the playlists with us either here or on Facebook. It could inspire a new themed guide. Like maybe the scorned lover 80s themed playlist? The tired parent 80s themed playlist? The possibilities are endless. Until next time friends, anything could happen next week with the Letter D guide. The Gallagher sisters always take suggestions, especially if it’s a themed list suggestion.



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