Do you need a New Years Resolution when you’re already AWESOME?

This is my husband’s shirt but why don’t we all have one?

Happy New Year, friends. It’s hard to believe another year has passed, right? So, as I gear up to launch what 2013 will be in Wired-Momma-land, I thought we should look back at the theme for 2012. Did you live in the vein of Moi Loves Moi all year long? Did you channel your inner-fabulous-ness? Many of you are somewhat new here, so you might not be familiar with my ongoing Moi Loves Moi (MLM) theme. So please – I am re-posting my 2012 piece from last New Year’s Eve and hope you have a fabulous evening. Look for my New Years Resolution Guide & Theme for 2013 later this week.


I hereby declare 2012 the year of I Am Awesome.

The year we praise our accomplishments and focus on what we do right every day, including our youthful glow and attractive figures, instead of all the areas we fall short. Forget the year of the Dog or Cat or whatever hell animal it is – it’s the year of I Am Awesome. In that vein, it would seem there is little need for a resolution, or two. But alas, with the little mini’s running around my home, even I can admit, despite my awesome-ness, there is some room for improvement. Note: I am not-so-subtly about to blame my short-comings on my children. It’s all part of the I AM Awesome campaign.

Resolution #1: Must I drive a Frat Party on Wheels?

Excluding the empty beer cans and condom wrappers, the interior of my vehicle basically looks like a frat party happened there, every night. Frankly, I think there must be a mouse family living inside because why wouldn’t there be? It’s warm, between the strewn kid artwork, the books, the food wrappers and crushed Goldfish and popcorn, it’s a veritable mouse haven. Ratatouille could likely whip up a true Francais-feast under one of my seats. Little Gus from Cinderella could find a cozy nest and hearty snacks to grow his family and tummy. Sometimes I do look for mice. In those rare moments of quiet inside my car, I’ve even been known to listen for them.

So can I do better? Yes. I hear there are people who don’t let their children snack in their cars. Who are you? Are you for real? Do you ever drive longer than 10 minutes with your children? Maybe I’ve trained my kids like dogs, they automatically associate riding in the car with snacks. So I might be to blame but it’s a vicious cycle I’m unwilling to break until they are older. So until then, I resolve to try to make the interior of my vehicle seem less like the Ritz for Rodents and more like something adult humans actually want to dare set foot in. If I am Awesome, perhaps my car’s interior should be a little more awesome….

Resolution #2: Control the Picasso Take-Over of all my Closets

One of the keys to being awesome is not being a hoarder. And the tale of my car interior and my closet interiors tell a different story than the awesomeness-tale I am weaving about myself in 2012. I blame the plethora of kid artwork for how closely I flirt with hoarding and the chaos inside my closets. I have trouble parting with their masterpieces. In an upcoming interview I will post on organization with a local stylist and home organization expert, she really made a strong case for disposing of kid artwork. I know she is right. But alas, I am just not strong enough to ditch all of it. And in the vein of brutal honesty, there’s no way in a cold day in hell I am ever going to be organized or motivated enough to make digital photo albums of their artwork. Part of being totally awesome is just being realistic and honest. So, lucky for moi, Santa brought me these kid portfolios, with their names on the front and note the size, big enough for those insanely awkward size pieces that tend to come home from pre-school, yet flat enough that I can store it under their beds. Ah ha! I am awesome because now I am going to empty out my closets and move the art collections to under my children’s beds. Thereby beginning their life as hoarders and mine as organized….

 Resolution #3: Moi Loves MoiA final repetition of the 2012 I am Awesome theme. Less self-flagellation. Less self-doubt and wondering what went wrong in the day or if my 3-year-old is acting insane because I was too distracted with a work project. Newsflash – that’s what they do when they are 3. So if you need a dose of how to perfect yourself in the year of being Awesome and Moi Loves Moi, then read this awesome and hilarious interview with my hero, my idol, Miss Piggy. I don’t know about you, but I also love to blog and tweet, like Piggy, and I am totally re-naming my iPhone my MOI-Phone and uploading pictures of…what else…MOI all over it. Repeat after Moi: Moi loves Moi. I am Awesome. Happy New Year! For more doses of awesome-ness and Moi Loves Moi, make sure you “Like” the WM Facebook page. Otherwise you are missing out…..

No one does Moi loves Moi better than Piggy

4 Responses to Do you need a New Years Resolution when you’re already AWESOME?
  1. Maureen
    December 31, 2011 | 9:38 pm

    Moi loves Monica and Wired Momma. Thanks for the inspiration and reminder of my own awesome-ness. I needed it today. Happy 2012!

  2. Zeenie White
    January 4, 2012 | 12:07 am

    Love it! Especially the part about your kids expecting snacks in the car. My 4 year old and 2 year old expect snacks in the car AT ALL TIMES, even if it’s right after dinner and we just can’t break the cycle. At least for now…

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