NBC4’s Angie Goff: On Managing Work, Motherhood and a Second Pregnancy

Last spring I interviewed NBC4’s Angie Goff and we covered a wide range of topics from managing work and family, how she carves out moi-time and where she shops. Over the last few weeks, traffic to my blog has been spiking and I always know when she’s on the air before I even turn on the TV because it seems EVERYONE wants to know if she is pregnant again.Note – this would be my nightmare – to have people constantly keying in search words asking if I am pregnant. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen. Ever.

Clearly Angie wears her pregnancy very well!

As it so happens, Angie Goff IS pregnant and due to the apparent high level of interest in her pregnancy, I figured, what better time to follow-up with her and see how she’s doing and find out how she’s feeling about work, motherhood and moi-time as she looks to having her second child this year. Let’s get started.

Wired Momma: During our interview last spring, you noted how your first pregnancy unfolded on the camera and NBC4 incorporated it into the news. Will you be doing this again? Will you be including more stories on working moms or parenting in DC or pregnancy with this second time?

Angie: I was actually with WUSA9 at the time of the first pregnancy.. so they captured my pregnancy and it was a fun experience! It was neat to have my first pregnancy unravel in real life and TV. This time around I think will be a bit more private. I’m updating my blog so there’s a little baby talk on there. That’s where I revealed #2 was on the way and that “it’s a boy” this time around. As for stories… I may cover some mom-related issues in the future. I’m always open to any stories that moms in our area think should be told. Bring ’em on ladies!

Wired Momma: Congrats of having a boy! That is very exciting. Last April when we spoke, you were really open about being on camera during your first pregnancy with Adora. You noted that you looked at old pictures and worried about returning to your old shape. Do you have these same concerns this time or do you have a different perspective?
Angie: A little more than 20 weeks in to this pregnancy I’ve already gained 20 pounds. I haven’t freaked out as much as I did the first time but I’m aware. I was able to lose most of the baby weight after Adora but it was very hard. I know there’s a tough road ahead… but I also know that it can be done. That is a little more comforting this time around.

Wired Momma: We talk a lot about the importance of “me time” on my blog, in fact it’s the entire theme of my blog for 2013 because I spent so much time talking with moms all over our area last year and found it to be a universal problem – most women struggle to find that time and seem to feel guilty about taking it. Now that you are well into your pregnancy, do you still fit your “me time” in from 1-2am as you did last spring when we last spoke or are you able to find other times to carve it out?
Angie: My schedule is different from last spring so now I’m getting up around 2am for work! Finding me time is still a work in progress and honestly I don’t get it in every day or even every week. I’m trying though. I recently started going to the movies by myself on my day off. It’s been awesome. Also I consider my magazine time “me time”. When I get a new TIME or Oprah I make it a point to read it cover to cover within a day or two. Sometimes I do it while Adora is watching a show or I sit in bed earlier than usual to have the moment.

Wired Momma: I love it. Going to the  movies alone actually sounds pretty blissful to me. Let’s add that to our list of things that count as quality “moi-time!” Now let’s change direction a bit into fashion: by the search terms leading people to my blog, I know the DC viewers are really interested in where you and fellow mom Eun Yang shop. Do you have favorite go-to shops or styles for maternity wear?

Angie: Funny you mention my girl Eun.. she just told me about this site MORE of Me maternity and this stuff is so posh for the pregnant. I’ve also bought a lot of Ann Taylor Loft pants, Gap maternity tops, Rosie Pope dresses and skinny pants. Pea in the Pod has pretty much everything including Nicole Miller’s maternity dresses. They tend to be more feminine and flattering. Isabella Oliver is also a go-to brand for dresses and bump flattering tops. Don’t forget your Mama Spanx either!

Wired Momma: Excellent fashion tips from a woman who has to unfold her pregnancy on camera! I’ve never heard of that MORE of Me web site before. Now, what is different about a second pregnancy for you and managing a high-profile career with a toddler versus the first time around?

Angie’s beautiful family

Angie: I am SO TIRED! I think it has to do with running around with an energetic 2-year-old. Some days when I feel sick, I feel so guilty because I just can’t keep up with her. I tell her I’m sorry.. momma’s sick. I’m very lucky because often she is empathetic. The other day she came over to the couch.. brought me a bottle of water and rubbed my tummy.

Wired Momma: Wow – what a sweet girl! And I hear you on the extra amount of exhaustion in a subsequent pregnancy. I am sure there are women all over our area who can totally relate. For what it’s worth – you don’t ever look tired on the air – which never fails to amaze me between you and Eun given the time you guys must wake in the morning. Back to motherhood, what do you know now about motherhood and careers that you wish you’d known the last time?

Angie: That it all is gonna work out! I was so afraid it would be hard to leave Adora to go back to work. What I’ve found is that I need that time away. In a way it is “me time” since I can totally concentrate on what I need to do. At the end of the day it makes me value the time I do get to spend with my child. As for balancing pregnancy and career.. I wish I didn’t push myself so hard when I was pregnant with my first. It was almost as if I thought I had to prove to everyone I can be with child and still perform at the same level as before. I nearly killed myself doing that. In my 3rd trimester I was having regular heart sonograms because they discovered my heart was enlarged. It was scary stuff. This time around I’m only taking on what I can handle. The biggest lesson learned perhaps is… don’t feel guilty for it!

Thank you Angie, once again, for such an honest and open interview. Not to mention some excellent fashion tips for area moms who are also pregnant. To keep up with Angie, you can follow her blog and as always, please be sure to hit “Like” on the Wired Momma Facebook page to keep up with more fun and conversations about work and life “balance.”

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  1. tricia
    February 5, 2013 | 3:33 pm

    Great Interview!!!! I am nit sure how my little sister can look so fabulous pregnant! It is a gift! :).

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