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So let’s roll up our sleeves. If you aren’t on the WM Facebook page, not only are you totally missing out, but you definitely missed some of the most interesting conversation I’ve seen yet this week. I was thinking this week was all about Sheryl Sandberg…it really seemed that way…..but then this piece from the Atlantic dropped on our laps.

And suddenly many of us were all sorts of pissed off.

Moi Included.

Suddenly I was thinking, screw the office, let’s LEAN IN at home, ladies. And tell our husbands to lean the hell in too, while they are at it.

The author, Alexandra Bradner,  took the time to write down this very thorough bulleted list of things that need to be done when you have children….and asks what percentage the moms do and what percentage the dads do.

Suddenly my head was about to blow off my neck because I was thinking we had it somewhat split chez moi and as it turns out, we don’t, and as it turns out, it’s what one of my readers and friends called “the invisible work”, that’s so time-consuming…and we get no acknowledgement of doing, no credit, no offering to help. Do we even realize we’re doing it half the time? No matter, it’s still very time consuming. And have I mentioned, thankless.

So here’s the list Ms. Bradner details, I copied it directly from the site – see what you think:

“What percentage of this work do you do? What percentage of this work does your partner think you do? Record your answers and compare notes.

  • Childcare management and communication
  • Cooking and meal preparation
  • Dishwashing
  • Laundry, ironing and mending work
  • Grocery shopping
  • Home decorating (garage sales, picture hanging, etc.)
  • Yard work
  • Afterschool lessons, weekend activities, and summer camp planning and coordination (researching, driving to, waiting during, and equiping)
  • Communication with extended family (calling mom, mailing gifts, etc.)
  • General household cleaning (sweeping, vacuuming, garbage removal, window washing, etc.)
  • Making travel arrangements and packing
  • Party planning and holiday preparation (cards, meals, decorations, cleaning)
  • General social outreach (setting up playdates, interacting with neighbors, making plans with friends, etc.)
  • Monthly financial chores (bill paying, health claims and tax prep)
  • General shopping and consumer research (for clothing, gifts, technology, media, etc.)
  • Putting kids to bed and waking up with them in the middle of the night
  • Getting kids ready for school, dropping them off, meeting the bus in the afternoon
  • School-related tasks and communication (contacting teachers, delivering forgotten items, volunteering, attending conferences and shows)
  • Staying home with sick kids
  • General family scheduling
  • Coordinating and completing home repairs
  • Documenting family history (taking and organizing photos)
  • Disciplining kids (establishing and enforcing consequences for misbehavior)
  • Managing and picking up the pieces after major upheavals (moves, home sales, funerals, job losses)
  • Pet care (walking the dog, checking out kennels, etc.)
  • Emotional work (resolving playground disputes, offering advice, proactively keeping the peace among siblings)
  • Long-term financial planning (for retirement, college tuition, etc.)”

I intend to evaluate it again this weekend and see where we can do better….get Mr. Wired Momma (who is a very nice and supportive man, btw) to LEAN IN.

Take that, Sheryl…..Your book is motivating me to yell at my husband to lean in at home.

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Oh….two more things…the next WM Book Club book will be “Lean In” and we’re going to meet at the Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner on Wednesday April 10 at 8pm. And finally, if you have some time on Sunday, come find me on the Expert Panel at The Baby Affair at 1pm! Would love to see you there!


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