Six Universal Truths about Kids: A Humorous Picture Post

It’s time for another picture post…today I offer you my six universal truths about kids. Why stop at just six, you ask?

Because frankly, we don’t have all day.

I’d also like to weigh in on the debate over nature versus nurture:  clearly the below facts about children are about nature because lord knows I don’t nurture these habits.

Universal Kid-ism #1: Much like Taylor Swift is never, ever, ever gonna get back together with you, don’t you dare think I will ever close the screen door. Ever. Yet when I do come inside to eat or go to bed, there better NOT be a fly in the house. Ever. Also, I don’t care about air conditioning the patio. It probably needed it. #You’reWelcome

Exhibit A. How many times will I close the door all summer long?

Exhibit A. How many times will I close the door all summer long?


Universal Kid-ism #2: Left foot and Right Foot are only a state of mind. That adults suffer from. #Obviously. If you are 4-years-old, you walk around like this all day long and not one thing feels weird:


Universal Kid-ism #3: If you buy a box of Band-Aids, I need that box. The entire thing. Immediately.


Universal Kid-ism #4: Your iPad is actually my iPad. Your iPhone is my iPhone. And if you leave them laying around, I will take no less than 500 pictures of my feet, pages of my books, the picture I colored, my favorite characters on TV or my sister playing on the iPad. Exhibit A:


Universal Kid-ism #5: I never have to pee. Ever. Especially when I wake up in the morning. #TrueStory #EveryDay

why do they do this? Photo Credit:

why do they do this? Photo Credit:

And last but not least

Universal Kid-ism #6: I better not ever find my precious artwork in here or there WILL be hell to pay #IAmAnArtist:


Right? Right.

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