WM Favorite Things: Summer Edition

First, I would like to acknowledge this is the longest break I have ever taken from writing on my blog, since the launch of this world-famous blog.

WM Summer Glow

WM Summer Glow

It was a shock to even moi that a month has passed without a blog post.


Speaking of world-famous, we all know about my WM Favorite Things list that comes out around the holidays, rivaled only by Oprah and Ellen’s antics, obviously. I’ve come across some things this summer that I’ve grown to love and decided to write up a summer favorite things list.

Deep inaugural post, I know.

What sorts of favorite things, you ask? Read on, friend, hopefully there’s something for everyone on here.

In May, I had the opportunity to attend the Mom 2.0 conference in California and then traveled to the Disney Social Media Moms conference in Orlando. Both conferences were flush with beauty products, it made my heart sing.

My heart singing with all the beauty swag

My heart singing with all the beauty swag

I participated in the 5K “Fun” Run (Felt more like 8k and really was a torturous trek along the steep cliffs of the Pacific) at the Mom 2.0 conference sponsored by the CVS Minute Clinic. A short time after arriving back home, the CVS Minute Clinic sent all the runners a box of swag. It was like a huge bag pulled from the CVS aisles arrived and I was thrilled. What luck! What good fortune!!! From those products, the leader of the pack for me became the Roc products. Typically I am a Cetaphil face wash and then Origins Night-A-Mins moisturizer before bed type of gal. Not anymore. The Roc face wash has exfoliating beads and then the 2-step moisturizers have my skin glowing. I am hooked. Sidebar – I had the distinct misfortune of falling ill on the final days of our summer vacation and found myself in the CVS Minute Clinic in Charleston, SC. Within 10 minutes and a mere $25 later, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and had the prescription for my antibiotic filled. I left wondering why I would bother with a primary care physician again when it’s a simple sickness.

Then, during the Disney Social Media Moms conference, a product line I wasn’t previously familiar with, H2O, had this great habit of leaving products in our room in the evening when we were out – so we’d come back to surprises. It really was fun. They were incredibly generous in the amount of products they gifted to us but a few emerged as my favorites. First, in the summer, I am hot. ALL. THE. TIME.

In that red faced and sweaty kind of unattractive way, not in this kind of way:

Not quite the summer look I pull off

Not quite the summer look I pull off

I typically have really dry skin but am so hot that I rarely want to put on lotion after I’ve showered. Sometimes my face hurts but then I’m even more grumpy when I put on moisturizer and then am sweating it off. Until I tried the H20 moisturizer that feels like aloe. Note in the picture on the left, it’s stacked on top of the body scrub and well, the jar is almost completely empty. You see a hint of the blue. Not much left, friends.

WMFavSUmmerTruth be told, it’s been a delight to apply on my face all summer long. Add to it, their body scrub not only exfoliates dead skin in the shower but it is moisturizing, you don’t even need lotion after using it.


I will purchase these with my own hard-earned cash as soon as I am completely out of them. Really great summer products.

Next, this summer, in addition to trying out tons of great new beauty products, I had my very own SWF moment. Single White FemaleI’d been on the hunt for a new pair of running shoes for quite a while. Suddenly, Wendy Davis was standing in the Texas house for 11-hours wearing a pair of Mizuno’s, in a great rose color, and I knew it was time to buy my own pair of Mizuno’s.

Honestly, I can’t recall if I’ve ever been motivated to purchase something that quickly because of a celebrity but call it the perfect storm, I was in need of new shoes, I was feeling really inspired by Wendy Davis, I liked the color of her shoes and quite frankly had been mulling trying out the Mizuno’s for quite some time. We all need our own SWF moments. My feet over-pronate when I run, however, so I went with these and have loved them since. They are light weight, offer great support and I love how bright and cheerful they are.


Speaking of bright and cheerful. Hanes was a sponsor of the Disney Social Media Moms conference and one morning at breakfast, they handed out a bag of these super bright, neon cotton ankle socks. I have to tell you, they have since become my favorite workout socks. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have more comfortable, more padded running socks but somehow, they still don’t hold up against these sorbet colored, neon socks of Hanes. When I put a pair of them on with my bright blue Mizunos


And it makes me happy.

It's like a rainbow sorbet is bursting out of my shoes. #LOVE

It’s like a rainbow sorbet is bursting out of my shoes. #LOVE

It could be odd that a pair of bright neon cotton socks motivates me to workout, but whatever works, right? I’d suggest adding these socks to your routine, especially for dark winter mornings. Not to mention, they are now on sale for $6.99. #NoBrainer

Recently, we were on vacation on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Before crossing the bridge, what caught my eye but the twinkling shimmer of outlet stores. Immediately I calculated when I could hit those, ALONE, sans enfants, in my own summer-y blissful moment. That moment came a week ago Tuesday. I found myself with about 4 hours to spare and though it was the hottest day on the face of the planet earth, seriously, not exaggerating, for some reason, I decided to do what I hate most, rivaled only by swimsuit shopping, which is trying on jeans. I rarely find a pair of jeans that fit me well, that don’t have my butt crack hanging out, beautiful as it is, and that are a price I can stomach. Until I tried on the Joe’s Jeans Honey Curvy Fit. Not only were they incredibly flattering and comfortable, at the Off 5th Outlet, they were $60. The only reason I can think of that I didn’t purchase 2 or 3 pair was that it was just so damn hot, I couldn’t think clearly.  My little sister is mocking me for being a few years late in discovering these jeans but honestly, I can’t stomach designer jeans prices and rarely feel like trying on jeans. These fit so well that I might even pay full price for them if necessary.

A sample of the Nouri Bars available

A sample of the Nouri Bars available

Last but not least, what would a favorite things post be without a mention of FOOD. In particular, food created locally here in DC. This summer, I learned about Nouri bars, which are healthy, affordable energy bars made by a company based here in DC. The energy bars are 100% natural and made of unprocessed ingredients. Even better, when you buy one of these bars, Nouri feeds one hungry schoolchild in Botswana. The company also works to help sustain local communities by buying directly from farmers and selling in local stores and markets. The recipes were invented by co founder Veneka Chagwedera when she was experimenting making her own energy bars for a quick on the go snack. With three flavors to choose from: Apple Cinnamon, Chocolate Cashew, and Peanut Butter and Wild Cherry. You can also order them online!

Nouri sent us a sample of their bars and we all really liked them. I think energy bars are really about what type of consistency you like, do you like more nougaty or do you like crunchy? Myself, my first choice is more crunchy but I also believe in supporting locally-owned businesses and especially ones with such a socially driven cause. I’d encourage you to check them out!

Be sure to hit “Like” on the old WM Facebook page to keep up with the fun and frolic….and I’ll be posting more regularly now…..thanks for not ditching me while I went on summer break.




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