Disney on Ice Frozen: A Review

Last night we made our once annual trek across the river, through the woods and into Virginia to see Disney on Ice. Avid WM fans might recall I vowed to never do this again last year, and oh, probably the year before. But see, this time it was different.


This time it was different for one reason: FROZEN.Frozen_Ticketmasterimage

The geniuses at Disney on Ice knew they could hook even the most cynical, the most battle-torn from commuting to the Patriot Center on a weekday evening during rush hour, with that one special word: FROZEN.

They had me at FROZEN.

I didn’t even put up a fight. Until the time came to quickly feed my children, power through homework and race out the door to battle the traffic and hordes of Frozen fans piling into the Patriot Center. Then I was really second-guessing myself and my decision-making abilities.

But oh, trust me, in the end, it was worth it.

Usually the formula of the Disney on Ice shows is this: multiple acts, a range of different Disney movies, broad appeal to boys and girls. But not this time. They deviated completely from that magical formula and just gave us a pure FROZEN show.

And the audience was filled not only with mini-Anna’s, Elsa’s and Olafs, but the crowd erupted in a sing-along during Queen Elsa’s “Let It Go” performance. Even the coldest, most battle-torn-from-traffic heart, must have melted in the audience at that moment.

My eldest, never one to like change, relented that she still prefers the more traditional format of multiple story lines and many characters during the Disney on Ice shows but she also loved last night’s performance. My youngest sat mesmerized the entire time. Me and Mr. WM, we both gave it a huge thumbs up.

There’s one thing I give a huge thumbs-down too, the people who buy their kids those light up spinning things, and then let them raise their arms straight up and spin the thing through the entire performance. I counted, there were three of those people last night, two of them right in front of us.


Olaf and his entourage performing to "In Summer."

Olaf and his entourage performing to “In Summer.”

“In Summer” starring Olaf is a total fan-favorite chez moi. Accompanying Olaf on the ice last night were dancing butterflies, flowers and bumble bees. How great is that? Visually so creative and colorful.

Sven and his sled – absolutely spectacular, as were the trolls. Perhaps we are more ancillary character fans in my house?

I caution you, do not leave early to beat the crowds because the very end..the ultimate grande finale, brings Disney princesses, Nemo, Lion King friends and Toy Story characters onto the ice, for the final thrill.

For video captures of last night’s performance, you are welcome to check my Instagram feed @wiredmomma, I posted a few there. But really, my advice is take a break from pumpkin patches and soccer games this weekend and relax in the Patriot Center. The performance is just under 2 hours and there is an intermission. Also, a new show was added for Monday October 27 due to the popularity of the performances. For show times and prices, click here.

Disclosure: Feld Entertainment invited me and my family to attend the show as guests. My opinions here are all my own.

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