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Halloween Jack-o-Lantern Display by WM Readers

Happy Halloween everyone! Today I bring you one of my fav posts from last year – it’s a picture post from WM readers who sent in awesome pics of their kids and their carved pumpkins.  I am so impressed with the talent out there! Take a peek at what WM readers sent in:

How adorable is she??

From one of my favorite bloggers, Jodi Fur:


All the way from Chicago…the Ceffalio-Shepard family sent in Spiderman on the left and Miss Piggy on the right. I think we all know how much J’Adore Miss Piggy

And from a reader in Pennsylvania….how awesome is her Tinkerbelle? Loving the themed pumpkins this year.

From Georgetown, an adorable little girl with her awesome pumpkin!

Loving the flame themes on the pumpkins too…I could never do something this artistic!

From Stacy Studio – fabulous local architect & mom

A second totally creative and artistic one from local architect, Amy Stacy of Stacy Studio


From Silver Spring…..LOVE this skeleton!


And finally……I offer you the Wired Momma household pumpkins from last year, the classic traditional and the Wolverine pumpkin. Mr Wired Momma was super irritated with me when I busted out the superhero carving packet and he learned he’d be carving Wolverine…but he did a pretty good job and it was all the youngest Wired Momma’ette wanted…

Mr Wired Momma’s work paid off


Happy Happy Halloween! A big thank you to all the awesome friends who shared their family pumpkins. Enjoy the day with the kids! As always, “Like” the Wired Momma Facebook page for more fun and frolic, encourage your friends and enemies to Like the page – the more the merrier — and it’s especially fun to be on the page on the days I’m not posting on the blog. As we move into the holiday season, there’s endless fodder, now isn’t there?










Twinkle Toes Trots off to Boo at the Zoo

It was a special UGG boots & Halloween kind of Saturday in Wired Momma-land. A most unusual Saturday, as a matter of fact.

But before we get to the details, you should know that shoes and Halloween rank as two of my greatest loves. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to love Halloween more because it requires very little of moi in comparison to other holidays. I do not need to wrap elaborate gifts, purchase said gifts or cook large meals for this holiday. Plus it comes hand-in -hand with the arrival of chocolate into your home. What’s not to love?

Now, about the shoes. There was a formative moment in my childhood that revolved around shoes. Back in the 80s, we lived overseas. For this particular memory, we were on vacation in Spain one summer, the summer before I went into the 6th grade. My Aunt Elizabeth flew in from Philadelphia to join us on said vacation. On this particular day, we were strolling around this fabulous seaside Mediterranean town and my Aunt stumbled upon some espadrilles in a little shop. She was in love. But she didn’t just leave the store with one pair, she bought them in every color. She casually noted that you can never have enough shoes.

This made a deep and profound impression on me. I knew she was right. I was but 12, maybe even 11, but something seemed intuitively correct about what she was doing. Sure,  I knew there were bigger problems in the world but I also knew that shoes can make you happy. Along with other more important things, of course, but shoes are still something special.

Fast forward to the early 2000s and my weekly Sex & The City viewing parties with friends. Remember those? When having a Flirtini was all the rage.  Remember that scene when Carrie Bradshaw spotted a gorgeous pair of shoes in the window and her response was “Helllloooooo lover.”

She spoke to me. My heart sang. Suddenly I was back in that seaside Mediterranean village and I wondered why I didn’t have a pair of espadrilles in every color.


The truth is, Carrie spoke to millions of us in that scene.

Today, I am grooming my girls to love shoes. Sparkly shoes, fancy shoes, casual shoes, sandals, flip-flops, boots, you name it, shoes shoes shoes. You can find great pairs at Target or Payless for kids, they are everywhere, and your shoes never know if you’ve got a muffin top.

Imagine my utter joy last week when UGG Australia emailed and invited me and the family to attend Saturday night’s Boo at the Zoo, of which they were a corporate sponsor,  but first, with a stop at their store in Georgetown (1249 Wisconsin Ave, NW) to pick out a pair of shoes for each of us.

Umm, hmmm, let me check my calendar…

STC_YesC’est vrai? An evening with two of my great loves, shoes and Halloween? (Oh, ahem, umm…and of course my kids and Mr. WM)


Now, to further my confessions here, until Saturday, I wasn’t an UGG boot owner. I have a pair of UGG slippers that I love and have held up beautifully through a few winters. Disclosure: I am really hard on shoes. But that’s it in the UGG department. I also had no idea UGG makes beautiful leather boots for women along with fashionable shoes for men, I was pretty unfamiliar with their lineup beyond the standard boots you see many people wearing. I really just didn’t know.

I know now. We spent well over an hour in the Georgetown store on Saturday before hitting the Zoo. I’m the gal who struggles to pick a nail polish color for a pedicure because I treat each one as if it’s my last, who knows why (I’m a freak), imagine the struggle in picking out a pair of shoes.


Me and the girls were like kids in a candy store with all the options and the little baby UGG shoes? Adorable.  Below is a sampling of what I admired or considered as my first choice options. I still am thinking about those raspberry colored ones just because the 5th grade me, she would have pounced at the chance for a pair of pinkish boots with fur lining. They really call out to that version of moi.

Teaching them from an early age to love shoes

UggBootsAnd seriously, the leopard print baby booties. For real? #Swoon

In the end, though I loved the brown riding boots featured above and I struggled with this decision, I came away with a pair of elegant and timeless black leather boots with a simple heel but that can be dressed up or down. I reasoned that I legitimately needed a new pair of black boots whereas my chocolate-brown boots, though several years old, are still in great condition. Mr. WM came away with a hip pair of chocolate-brown leather boots, the youngest WM’ette came away with a gorgeous pair of bright blue boots with ribbons on the back and my oldest settled on a pair of purple boots with trendy, edgier studs in the shape of a heart on the front. Really great choices. Overall we had an excellent experience with an extremely patient and helpful store employee, considering we must have sent her back a dozen times and tried on multiple pairs of boots each.


Now that I actually am fully aware of all the great choices in the UGG line for every  member of the family, I just might be addicted and you better believe I have a new pair of warm fuzzy slippers on the brain (hint hint Mr. WM for Christmas).

Packed into our warm, fuzzy shoes, we set off for the National Zoo. We last attended Boo at the Zoo two years ago and had a great time but even then I worried the kids were a little too young. When you have an almost 3-year-old and almost 6-year-old and darkness falls, it can be really stressful to keep track of them through all the excitement, and throw kids into costumes, under the cover of darkness in wide open spaces, with large crowds, and the fear of losing your kid does become a little overwhelming.

Last night, we had a great time. At almost 5 and almost 8, we’re past the erratic movements of toddlers and we had a reallyBooatZoo relaxing and enjoyable evening. The National Zoo always does such a creative job of decorating the zoo and some of the animal houses for the celebration. We especially enjoyed a trip into the invertebrate house to see the octopus and spooky decorations. We also noted the meerkat had a pumpkin in his house inside the small mammal house. From the perspective of my little ones, the question wasn’t why does the meerkat have a jack-o-lantern in his house, the question is why wouldn’t that meerkat be so festive?

The kids enjoyed trick-or-treating at each of the vendor stalls mixed in with the decorated animal houses on what really was a perfect fall evening for an outdoor event. Typically I wouldn’t wear brand new shoes on a two-hour walking excursion, especially for the little ones, but I had no concerns about our warm toes tucked into the new UGG boots as we cruised through the zoo.

I think our only real complaint about the event was the lack of a real meal offered. In previous years, we had enjoyed dinner before hand at our fav Mexican restaurant in Cleveland Park and then ended up at the Zoo only to wonder why we’d spent money on dinner. This year, there wasn’t anything substantive (that we could find, at least) and we left at the end of the evening on a quest for a quick dinner.

If you’ve ever wondered about Boo at the Zoo – my advice would be to consider the ages of your kids. I really think it’s best and less stressful on parents when the kids are older, almost or fully elementary school aged. Normally I also wouldn’t pick the Saturday night event because I’m not a huge fan of crowds, we usually opt for Sunday night for that reason. Saturday night, however, was truly a lovely evening but it definitely got crowded. We left around 7:45pm and wondered if next year when they are almost 6 and 9, our better strategy wouldn’t be to hit dinner before hand and then plan to arrive to the zoo around 7:15, when the parking lots are starting to thin out along with some of the crowds, and hit the tail end of the evening party.


Bottom line – we had a knock out Saturday chez Wired Momma and we are super grateful to UGG Australia for the amazing opportunity and to the National Zoo for throwing a fun and festive Halloween party. Now off to keep my twinkle toes warm in my new boots……

Disclosure: UGG Australia invited me and my family to be their guests at Boo at the Zoo and to receive a pair of shoes. My opinions here are all my own.





The Great Jack’o’Lantern Display

I want to try something new here on WM. I don’t know about you but I LOVE Halloween, the decorations, the costumes, the candy (obviously) – all of it. And I also love carving pumpkins but I suck at it. I lose all creativity and can never come up with a new or different pumpkin face. My youngest wants a Superhero carved pumpkin this year – which of course surprises none of my regular readers. So Mr. WM will attempt that this weekend (he doesn’t know that yet but if he’s reading today’s post, you’re welcome Mr. WM for that promise to the youngest WM’ette).

Anyhow – so how about you? I would LOVE for readers to share with me their carved pumpkins…email me a pic and include whatever you’d like as the caption, your name or not, include your kids in the pic, include your kids in their costumes, include your cat, whatever you want but I would LOVE for Wednesday’s post to basically be a gallery of people’s carved pumpkins. Maybe this will inspire me to do better next year. And obviously I will do a dramatic unveiling of Mr. Wired Momma’s super hero pumpkin!

Also – if you have made your child’s costume – not store bought like I tend to do because I am totally intimidated and again lose all creativity – but if you have a home made kids costume that you’ve all worked on together – would love for you to send in pictures of that as well!!!

So please, between now and Tuesday morning, October 30, email me your carved pumpkin – I don’t care if it’s a brilliant masterpiece or a regular pumpkin – and whatever your caption is – and let’s make a whole WM readers gallery of pumpkins. Maybe I’ll even take it to Pinterest. Surely you’ll be famous.

Email the images and caption to:

I can’t wait to see what you’ve all done! And as always, don’t forget to “Like” the Wired Momma Facebook page to keep up with the fun, frolic, and ridiculing of Pepco in advance of this alleged Hurricane Sandy.