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Resolution Check for 2013

Here we are, mid-way through January, and according to this British article, most of us abandoned our New Years Resolutions five days ago. That’s right, according to England’s Daily Mail, 3/4 of those surveyed admitted that they were no longer confident they would keep up their resolutions by the time January 10th rolled around.

The gold standard in Moi-Time…..Piggy

So do we make the wrong resolutions? Is that it?

Of course, not here at Wired Momma. My seasoned readers know that this year’s resolution is to commit ourselves to the gift of Moi-Time more frequently throughout the year and here’s hoping that 15 days in, you are keeping it up. Are we? I heard from one reader that she spent a few glorious hours of Moi-Time the other weekend and she was refreshed and recharged. I loved hearing it. I’ve offered up a 30-day membership to CorePower Yoga in Bethesda — to try to help one lucky reader find some Moi-Time free of charge.

So – are we committing ourselves to more Moi-Time? Anyone?


I hope so! I feel compelled to confess, as did another reader, that I actually have no qualms whatsoever about Moi-Time. I used too but I’ve since gotten over it and realized that in order to be a happy moi, I need to get away a bit. And everyone in my house is much happier when I’m happy, right? Same is surely true for you.

C’est vrai.

If you are on the hunt for Moi-Time ideas, as a blogging ambassador for, might I suggest a dinner or lunch out with friends, with your spouse or even by yourself? You get a double-gift if using for your Moi-Time — not just some time away but also it’s an easy way to save some money, another popular New Year’s Resolution!

Tell me – how are you doing in the Moi-Time department? Keeping with the resolution or did you abandon it by January 10th like the Brits?


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Tis the Season for Giving

The horrific events that unfolded last Friday at Sandy Hook Elementary School have changed every single one of us. And certainly it’s put a new perspective on the holiday season. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been filled with anxiety as you watch your child board the school bus the last two mornings. And if you’re anything like me, you are profoundly happy to welcome your baby home when she comes rushing off the bus in the afternoons. Right now I seem to be projecting that relief and gratitude onto our school bus driver. And quite honestly, it shouldn’t take something as tragic and life-altering as Newtown to make us appreciate and remember the people in our lives who are not as prominent as say, a teacher, but still very important.

I think it’s important to remember some of the less obvious but equally as important individuals – and for me personally – it’s my daughter’s school bus driver who tops the list. Another great example for many of us is also the school nurse.

We need the bus drivers to deliver our kids safely to school and the school nurses to help our children when they are hurt or sick and we aren’t there. Frankly, I don’t know how the school bus drivers do it every single day – staying focused with a bus load of elementary school aged children is no small feat.

So if you’re looking for an extra idea to thank these important people in our lives, I recommend a gift card. You can purchase a $25 gift card from, online for only $10, and your bus driver can treat himself to a nice lunch or light dinner. It can be supplemented with something extra, like maybe a digital photo frame or a really special home made card from your child. But I think spending just a little bit can go a long way to thank the people who help keep our kids safe during the day.

Disclosure: I am a paid blogging ambassador for My gift ideas here are all my own, however.


Feed it Forward: Gifting without spending this holiday season

I’ve been working with for the past few months as a blog ambassador and as much as I’ve enjoyed having an excuse to get out and try new restaurants, today’s program is, hands down, my favorite thing yet to share with you about

Starting today through December 25, or until the $40 million dollar goal has been met, is launching its 4th annual Feed It Forward campaign. This campaign launched back in 2008 when the economy was rock bottom and there were so many struggling families and individuals. The idea behind the campaign is paying it forward without spending the extra money you might not have. So givers can give $10 eGift cards, up to 40 PER DAY, during the holiday season.

You heard me.

You can send a gift to someone who you appreciate or you want to thank or who you think would really

Excellent perspective on the Feed It Forward campaign. Image Credit:

appreciate a special meal — and you don’t have to spend any of your own money to do this. Givers can give their gift cards either through Facebook or email and then invite that person to then “Feed It Forward” by logging on to and giving to others. It is such a simple concept and paying it forward is such a fulfilling accomplishment, I am just so impressed with’s generosity and spirit.

To me, part of thanking others and paying it forward was especially challenging when I was younger because I had so little money for anything. I plan to share this campaign with my older nieces, not only to send them a gift of a special treat on me but to inspire them to pay it forward to others in their lives who they would like to thank but don’t have the resources of their own to do so.  Thanks to, spreading cheer has never been quite so easy.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this generous program and spread the word!

Disclosure: I am compensated by as part of the blog ambassador program but my opinions here are all my own.


You need to relax more.

That was the five word response I got one day, not long ago, from Mr. Wired Momma in response to an email I sent him. I have absolutely no idea what the content of the email was that I sent him that elicited his response. And as you might imagine, my initial reaction to his email was anything but pleasant.

I was pretty much ready to tell him what he needs…….

And then I just actually thought about what he said. He was totally right.

Is this what Mr. WM had in mind when he told me to relax? Photo Credit: Gaylord Hotels

Surely he means regular trips to the day spa and solo weekend get-aways to paradise islands, I thought wistfully?

But then I rejoined reality and decided instead of being defensive, I was going to do just that. Relax more.

But HOW?

We’ll get to that later but for now – YOU need to relax more too.

What I’m seeing emerge from that tired, cranky working mom’s memo after she abruptly quit – is this overwhelming recognition that instead of ending up exhausted and feeling like we are failing at everything – oh – and not really enjoying our kids along the way – there are resources we can deploy and things we can do – to keep everything moving as scheduled and as one of my favorite commenters wrote (favorite because of her total honesty) – to “keep everyone from screaming at each other.”

Amen sister.


Here’s where you come in. I am hoping you will share with me..and in turn my readers…what secrets you’ve deployed in your own homes to help keep the train running on time, that maybe helps your husband participate in the daily schedules or activities, and overall just keeps the peace. I’m thinking we could all learn some really great tips from each other. Ways you’ve learned to LET GO.

Photo Credit: December 6, 2010 New Yorker

I was totally inspired by one reader’s comment yesterday that she purchased a shoe organizer from Target and puts her daughter’s clothes in for the week. This way her husband can help her daughter get ready in the morning while she does something else – but she knows her daughter won’t end up going to school wearing dirty laundry.

Please – be creative – I’m soliciting all kinds of tips and tricks. Do you and your husband use an app to manage lists for the grocery store or upcoming birthdays? I recently just learned about Tracy Meyers Friend, a local mom, who developed a list making app with her sister called Don’t Forget Your List. What a great idea! I am planning to download their app this week and am thinking Mr. WM could use it too. If you’re a fan of the show Parenthood, surely you saw how they devoted part of an episode this season to using family apps to help keep everyone organized. One friend swears by Evernote.

How about meals? Do you cook on the weekends? Do you use a grocery delivery service? How do you manage those? What about making doctors appointments or purchasing birthday or holiday gifts? There is no detail we aren’t interested in if you have a scoop.

As you can see, there is no tip that might not be valuable to someone else and I’d love to hear them. Feel free to be creative – send me a pic of your system or a link to your favorite app. Or just send me an email. Whatever you prefer. But I would LOVE to put together a WM readers resource post of all the ways we’ve each developed a system at home that keeps others involved, or keeps the peace, or helps you feel more relaxed. Ways you’ve learned to let go.

And about that – us needing to relax more – maybe learning some new tips will help us do just that. So look – I’m really eager to hear what you say. Email me at Please get me your emails by next Wednesday Nov 21. I’ll work on the post that weekend and post it the last week of November. And one lucky person will receive a $25 gift card to for sharing with us – I’ll have one of my girls draw a name out of the hat.

A great big thank you in advance to everyone who sends in their tips – this is something to be thankful for next week! And until then, be sure to hit “Like” on the Wired Momma Facebook page to keep up with the fun and encourage your friends to do the same (and to send me their tips!).