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Let’s Talk Kids & Halloween Outfits: Spare Me “Too Cute to Spook”

Is busting out your iPhone in the middle of Target to record yourself for your blog, strange?

Cause that’s how I chose to get my feet wet in the world of vlogging. Which in retrospect, just might be totally strange and a little effed up. In the moment it seemed really right, however, I’ll be honest.

Though as I crouched onto the ground and whispered into the phone, admittedly I was hoping no one would walk into the particular aisle space I was hogging and wonder who the freak was crouched over her phone whispering. I really was kinda whispering. And worried about getting busted for being a Dateline’s Hidden Camera wanna-be.


So, in case you hadn’t figured it out, today I bring you my first attempt at a  vlog from moi…… and much like my hero Miss Piggy….I’m thinking I need my name flashing in lights and a stylist to move forward now that I’ve gotten a taste of the bright lights.


Truthfully I wanted to experiment with this blogging technique for a while. I’d love to test it out and see if you actually like getting the occasional video blurb from me to add a little new content into the blog. After a few weeks of mulling, I finally decided that rather than continue to over think it, I needed to just record something when the moment was right. So there I was in Target this morning and it hit me like a ton of bricks as I perused the Halloween t-shirt options for toddler girls.


The Halloween shirts for toddler girls, specifically the “Too Cute To Spook” shirt is what fired me up and inspired this ground breaking work into video technology. Why wouldn’t I grab my phone and  whisper-rant into it like a lunatic? How could my immediate impulse not to be – bringing my thoughts live to you?


As my regular blog readers know, clothing options for little girls is a consistent point of contention for me. I’ve written about it a few times, in part, because I have a little girl who loves pirates, Batman, Spiderman and Sonic the Hedgehog. As I innocently turned the corner this morning in Target, on the hunt for some fun Halloween gear, the old familiar rage pulsated through my veins as my eyes fell on a ridiculous “Too Cute To Spook” shirt (though, it actually is cute and if I had an 18 month old, I’d probably be tempted to grab it for her. #FullDisclosure)

Here’s what gets me about these cutesy slogan shirts for girls –  What about the girl who wants skulls and crossbones but not necessarily with a tutu on a hot pink tshirt? Why must our little girls be sporting something that says she’s too cute to spook? There was nothing even remotely similar for toddler boys, as this video presentation is about to show you.  This summer, you might recall I was highly annoyed the Gap was selling a zebra print bikini for girls and super hero swimsuits for boys.

Who decided the little girls don’t want super hero swimsuits? By the volume of traffic I get to my site from people searching for super hero swimsuits for girls, I am all but certain our clothing manufacturers are missing a money-making opportunity by being sexist assholes.


I could go on and on.

I’m guessing a rant from me on the sexism that permeates Halloween clothes and costumes for kids will happen again a few more this Halloween season but my shopping experience (which clearly was blissfully child-free today at Target) inspired my first vlog.

Would love for you to watch. Tell me what you think. It’s only 90 seconds. Do similar things frustrate you when shopping for your kids? How about the vlog concept? Do we like it? Want to hear more random video commentary from moi or no? Only if I’m cowered down in supermarket aisles, whispering, perhaps?

And side note – today I just so happened to be showered and dressed somewhat properly…..I can’t make that promise all the time. Until I make my debut live on the red carpet, or until NBC calls to hire me for the next Dateline Expose – don’t forget to “Like” moi on Facebook to keep up with the fun and a special thanks to my supremely talented sister Emily, co-owner of Born Lucky Studios (also of Gallagher Sisters ABCs Uncensored fame) and her editing skills for improving my video and helping me add the text (and some more humor):


The Official Guide to a Weekend Get-Away

Have you been to Deep Creek Lake yet?

Sunset over Deep Creek Lake, Labor Day Weekend.

Sunset over Deep Creek Lake, Labor Day Weekend.

Am I beginning to sound like a broken record? Anyone who follows my blog with some degree of regularity knows that every year, we spend Labor Day weekend there with three other couples and 8 kids total. It is an annual HIGHLIGHT.  For all 16 of us. Seriously.


Why? Why do we love it so? Why do we keep going back? What does it take to plan a great weekend up in Deep Creek?

Fret not, kittens, I will tell you. And today is your LUCKY DAY!!!! For those who enjoy my rare but always fabulous (Thanks to Born Lucky Studios) video blogs, I’ve got a new one in store for you today, so don’t miss out. It is 50 seconds of your life. And it will be GLORIOUS.




Step One: How the hell do I find a great house to rent?

Ahh yes, never an easy question. We are four years in and we’re still sorting through what makes the perfect group house for a long weekend.  We all have to compromise. There are 8 adults in our group. We all have opinions. Not all of them are the same. But we share one thing in common: the quest for the PERFECT home that we can keep renting each summer. Or – alternately – a wish that someone would just throw down the cash to buy a home up there. No one has yet done this.

#MorganFamily? #HintHint

Best place in DCL to rent a home from

Best place in DCL to rent a home from

When looking to rent, for the past two years, we’ve turned to Railey Mountain Lake Vacations for the following reasons:

  • They hold the largest inventory of homes in the Deep Creek area;
  • They have a wide variety of price points in rental homes;
  • The company is staffed with helpful and  accommodating employees;
  • It is the smoothest and quickest check in process I’ve ever experienced with a home rental.

In fact, this year, for sport, I was going to time the check-in process, except by the time I whipped out my iPhone and found the clock to start the timer, I’d already been checked in, handed the keys, given a map, and grabbed some free bags of popcorn for the always-scrounging-for-a-snack children in the backseat of our car.

What I can tell you is that while the home we rented last month was absolutely not our dream home, we still learned valuable lessons in how to fine-tune our search.

My advice to you is to consider – do you want a water view with no tree obstruction or a more wooded but obstructed view of the lake? Do you want a really developed outdoor living space with a big fire pit and lots of chairs or are you looking more for several big family rooms inside? Do you want a bedroom for each couple and then the kids have their own room or are the kids still young and you’ll do better with several master suites, putting the kids on the floor?  Look, we’ve tried all these variations.

Fun Facts about Maryland's Lake Tahoe

Fun Facts about Maryland’s Lake Tahoe

This past Labor Day, we went for the totally unobstructed view of the lake and a flat big yard for the kids to play, along with a direct shot to the lake. In past years, we didn’t mind a slope or hilly descent down to the lake because it disrupted a younger child’s ability to just dash into the water. Now our girls are all big enough that we felt more confident in giving them easy and quick access to the lake and we wanted to wake up in the morning and have a glorious view with no trees in our way. We also really thought the kids would get a ton of use out of a big, flat yard (and they did).

We were right in some respects but we also learned this: it turns out exactly where your home is located on the lake really matters if you don’t care for high traffic areas. The particular home we rented was in a high traffic area and honestly, we like feeling like we’re removed from busy lives during our annual Labor Day get-away.  In previous years, we’d always been tucked away into a quiet corner of the lake – and it turns out – we just never thought to ask specifically about its location on the lake. There you have it, four years in and we learned a lesson.

Want to know what else we got wrong? This is a big one. We learned this one the hard way. When renting a home, I would urge you to ask this question: Who cleans the home prior to your arrival? Every year we’ve always had lovely, perfectly clean homes. Naively, it never occurred to us that we wouldn’t have a sparkling, clean home. Guess what?

Oh. That happened.

The home we rented was old, it hadn’t been kept up in repairs and it was not clean. Not anywhere near what we considered an acceptable level. When I checked out, I asked to speak with a Railey rep and she was incredibly apologetic and open to hearing my long list of complaints. Then she noted the house is new in their inventory and the home owner refuses to use their cleaning service and insists on using his own cleaning service.


Don't you want to join us?

Don’t you want to join us?

Might I suggest they are a cleaning service that exists only in the home-owner’s head but not in reality?

That being said – this is a VALUABLE learning experience that I hope you will apply to your own rental experiences:  WHO CLEANS THE HOME. From our experience, not only will it be a future first question but if the answer is “the home owner provides their own service” – then our response will be the following:  “Oh hell no…moving on to the next property.”

What did Railey Mountain Lake Vacations do about my long list of complaints, you might be wondering? Christmas came early, kids. About 10 days after our vacation, I received a check in the mail, it was a refund of about $500. I’m not sure how they arrived at this amount but we were happy to take it. I suggested to Mr. WM that we start a Deep Creek fund and put it in the bank. He ignored me, noted that we aren’t a commune or cult, and proceeded to write checks and divvy up the refund between our friends.

I thought we’d all be super psyched when next summer rolls around and we have basically boat rental money sitting there waiting for us. Anyone else with me? Bueller?

Okay, so given the fact that I keep reminding you just how many times we’ve had amazing trips to DCL, I’m going to offer you two more things. The Know-It-All top 10 list of what you should do during a weekend up there and the dramatic denouement of this brilliant blog post: a 50 second view, an insider’s peek, if you will, of what really goes down when we hit DCL each Labor Day.


Step Two: The Quick & Dirty Deep Creek Lake Bucket List

1. Boat rentals with tubes are a must-do for adult and kid fun;

The WM DCL Bucket List

The WM DCL Bucket List

2.  Rent a home with a hot tub;

3.  Grab at least one meal at the Mountain State Brewery – between the delicious pizza, the outdoor play space for kids, mountain and sunflower field views and fantastic beer;

4. There is no better people watching than the Honi-Honi. Just trust me. Oh. And it’s more fun to park your boat there than your car;

5. The Mountain Coaster at WISP. Personally, I hate it, but it’s like catnip for husbands and children;

6. Swallow Falls State Park. Trust me. Just go hike it and enjoy the views;

7. Swim in the lake. Again, just trust me. It is like an annual cathartic cleansing ritual for us;

8. Campfires and s’mores in the evening;

9. Take the chairlift to the top of WISP and hike around;

10. Deep Creek is a year-round destination, if you missed out over the summer, then head there for beautiful sweeping views and great hikes this fall or for skiing through the winter and early spring. As Mr. WM aptly said years ago, Deep Creek is Maryland’s very own Lake Tahoe.

With that, behold, our weekend in 50 seconds:


 Disclosure: Railey Mountain Lake Vacations offered us a discount on our rental property in exchange for writing about our experience. My opinions here are all my own.

About trying to pee alone: A Wired Momma Original Movie

Today’s post doesn’t need words. I thought it needed documentation. So one day, while thinking about the universal motherhood truth that you never get a freaking moment – I decided to quietly slip away. To the bathroom.

I didn’t have to pee.

I just wanted to run a very scientific experiment.


Like a beast stalking its prey, I was soon discovered: It took 12 seconds.

See for yourselves:

And there you have it. Further evidence of what I’ve long said: STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. We all suffer from it.

A special thanks to my sister and brother-in-law of Born Lucky Studios for their brilliant work editing this Wired Momma original.

Do you ever get a moment?


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