Fashion Forward this Fall

The calendar claims it’s fall……the temperature feels like oh – mid August – but with that, at long last comes WM’s Fall Fashion entry….not that any of my darling readers need help with looking fashion forward this favorite season of everyone’s.

I devoured some magazines and read up as much as possible online about what is HOT this season….and I can tell you that I like some of what I am seeing but not all.

Here is a quick review of the 10 most popular – in no particular order beyond how it enters my brilliant mind:

1. Open-toed shoes with tights

2. Ruffled shirts

3. Over-the-knee boots if you are at least 5’6 (I triple dog dare you to wear the Christian Louboutin ones in the link)

4. NEON colors…and of course…..anything in purple

5. Boyfriend Blazer

6. Sweater dresses – add in a chunky belt

7. Sweaters with a belt over them – be it a thin belt or a chunky belt

8. Layered necklaces

9. Flats with studs

10. Motorcycle leather jacket

You will notice I didn’t include two links – one for the open-toed shoes with tights and the other for the boyfriend blazer. I just gave up trying to find the link for the shoes and tights but saw it all over mags…..and I hate the boyfriend blazer-boyfriend jeans trend – so I refuse to perpetuate it with links.

I really can’t pull off the ruffled shirt trend. Some people can and I don’t mind it as a style – I just feel like I look like Seinfeld when he wore that Pirate ruffled shirt – remember that episode?

I am lukewarm on the studded flat trend. Truth is, I am content with the flats I already own, and though we’ve established that I am a gal who loves to need things – NEED them – I’m just not sure I am going to pull the trigger on studded flats. Time will tell.

You won’t catch me dead in over the knee boots….though staying home with two kids makes that trend completely useless to me even if I could pull off the look.

I am pretty sure transitioning to fall is the most favorite season for most of us, there is something so refreshing about putting on a warm sweater or cruising around town in a skirt and tights. For me, one of the hardest parts about fall fashion is the reality that it typically doesn’t feel like fall in DC until more like November…it’s torture waiting.  I am most in love with the belted sweater and sweater dress look this fall…….and always love tights and skirts.

One Response to Fashion Forward this Fall
  1. chrissy
    October 16, 2009 | 6:01 pm

    I vote no on tights with open toes. This fall and every fall from here to eternity. Don’t do it!

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