Wired Momma Confessions

New blog, new look, time to update some WM Confessions – I am ever the mysterious and dazzling gal – so be prepared to be shocked:

1. I am known to pretend I can’t hear DD1 sometimes as I linger in the kitchen and just drink my coffee and dawdle over the paper.

2. I love to fill up my shopping cart online and leave it there for a while, sometimes with like $600 worth of goods. Psycho? A little.

3. I saw a woman cut across four lanes of traffic from the far left lane to make a right and peel into the Anthropologie parking lot the other day. I totally dig her. I get her. We understand each other.

4. I recently actually paid money for a Taylor Swift song and I really like it.

5. I can’t wait for “Glee” to premiere tonight.

6. Sometimes I watch Dr. Phil

7. Sometimes I watch “Supernanny” to make myself feel better but turn it off when it’s feeling a little too familiar.

8. If you fall, I will laugh.

9. I stare at preggos.

10. If they would rebrand swine flu as bacon flu, I think we’d all feel better about it.

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  1. treemachine
    September 9, 2009 | 8:04 pm

    love the new site!!!
    and of course – you are still hilarious!


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