Now let’s hear what the French say about French Parenting

If you believe these kids never had a tantrum & always eat what's put in front of them, then maybe I'll tell you another....

At long last, we finally have a French response to the truth about superior French parenting. Anyone who’s been following my blog knows that I cannot stand all this trashing of American parenting. You also know that I grew up overseas, with quite a bit of time in Europe, and was eagerly calling bullshit on Druckerman’s assertions about all that is superior in French parenting.

Now, here we have, some perspective from France that balances out all this nonsense and is so interesting – both on how the French treat their children, why their children might have fewer tantrums than ours, and more about the French education system. In short, the writer immediately notes he’d rather set himself on fire than send his own children to French schools.

If you got caught up in the tidal wave that was all things wrong about how we parent in the the US…..I hope you’ll read this other perspective. And, because he teases us in the piece, I had to click on the blog the author links too written by an American woman raising her kids in France and her observations about Druckerman’s book…and it is as interesting as he sells it to be.

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One Response to Now let’s hear what the French say about French Parenting
  1. mjg
    March 15, 2012 | 11:36 pm

    I have to completely agree with you and our french friend on the truths of french parenting and education. Americans outshine most other countries in their ability to reason, understand, question and analyze information they receive at home or in school. Parents may find this difficult and challenging at times but they will reap the rewards of children with imagination and creativity as opposed to people who are not capable of original thinking. That results from an education the does not encourage innovative thinking.

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