Fall 2012 TV Season: My Favorite Moms on TV

Last February, I originally posted this piece awarding my favorite moms on TV the exclusive WM Oscars. I love to give out awards, in case you haven’t noticed. Let’s first get some truths out there – first, I am not ashamed to admit I watch TV. Second –  I might be a TV addict. And for what it’s worth, my  favorite comedy is hands down Happy Endings…which I really hope others are watching because it is ridiculously funny. I’ve noticed repeats running on ABC on Thursday nights and my husband and I are always in stitches through the entire 30 minutes. So, I can’t wait for the new season.

Previously my fav comedy was Modern Family but overall I was disappointed in last year’s season. I felt like it usually missed the mark, and Clarie and Phil were pretty ridiculous. The one episode that really stuck with me was the one where Cam was refusing to say “No” to Lilly and Clarie was biting her tongue because we know that’s the world’s lamest technique with toddlers. I hope this new Fall season is better than last year.

And so, in honor of the new season kicking off in a few weeks, let’s  focus on MOI and what I am declaring award-winning work for women in TV (yes, I know, not movies.). The WM Academy of Mothers in TV is a  highly sought after award. So without further delay, my two favorite Moms on TV are….drumroll please….Erika Christensen as Julia Braverman-Graham in Parenthood and Madeleine Stowe as Victoria Grayson in Revenge.

Yes, I watch Revenge. And I am highly addicted to Revenge. I absolutely cannot wait for the next season to kick off. You already know I have no shame if I’m admitting I’m addicted to TV, so is it really any surprise that I love a show about rich white women totally trashing each other and destroying their lives as they do nothing productive but fake-care about charities on the Hampton’s all summer long?

But let’s start with Parenthood (remember…I wrote the below last February before the season finales)

Fabulous TV Family

Truth be told, most of the adult characters in this show annoy me endlessly. I find them preachy, self-righteous and often times, totally self-consumed. Yet through my own issues with their on-screen personalities, I continue to watch the show because I commend the writers for covering so many real and important topics and challenges that parents face every day. Also, hailing from a big family myself (ahem, I have three sisters), I think the writers nail the dynamics between siblings from large families. So, that really gives me a soft spot for the show – just watching the very realistic adult sibling dynamics. Hands down, my favorite Mom on TV this season is Erika Christensen in this show. In particular, I think she’s really come into her own this season as she’s portrayed the struggles a woman faces with infertility and her path to adoption. Her entire relationship with Zoe, the woman whose child she is supposed to be adopting, is fraught with stress as she tries to balance supporting her with keeping her distance. I can totally relate to her very Type A, somewhat anal, personality and how difficult it must be for her to have very little control over the outcome of this adoption. Also, her eagerness for the delivery day and to hold that baby is just palpable. Admittedly, I also really like her because her husband is super hot and stays home, she has a beautiful home and seems to realistically manage her demanding career with her family. A few weeks ago, we saw her trying to field conference calls and a sudden deadline while heading on a family road trip for her grandmother’s birthday. She is so real and so honest in her portrayal of a young mom – so I award her with the first ever WM Oscar for Totally Awesome Hip Young Mom on TV.

Now let’s talk about why I love Madeleine Stowe on Revenge. True, you could easily make the case that she is a horrible, disgusting, vapid mother who cares only about her image. I would struggle to argue with you if you did make that case. You could also point out that she’s easily addicted to Botox and not-eating, therefore sets a terrible example for her vulnerable teenage daughter, who also pretty much hates her.


So again, why am I awarding her with the WM Oscar for the Best Mom You Should Probably Never Mimic in Real Life?

Love that expression. Photo by Colleen Hayes – © 2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. All rights reserved.

Because I love her steely smile and her poise. It’s that simple. I am willing to suspend judgment of her long history of dubious decisions and thoughtless destroying of others’ lives, c’est vrai.  I love that in the face of any crisis, whether it be an evil plot, for which she was part of,  to destroy a man’s life almost being exposed (by her “best friend” of all people), or her daughter learning very publicly that she never really wanted her to begin with, or her nasty divorce to an equally despicable man becoming even more contentious, she never falters in her poise. She brilliantly stays calm and just pastes on her steely smile, to let everyone else know around her that she will always remain in control.

How can you  not admire that in a woman? Even if it is a heavily botoxed smile?

If only I could give my tantrum throwing, dinosaur pirate loving, crazed three-year-old daughter that glance when she’s screaming “I DO IT MYSELF” about securing herself into her car seat, forcing me to stand in the pouring rain and patiently wait.

What do you think? Who are your fav TV moms? Which shows are you most excited to see kicked off?? I have to admit, I loved the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

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  1. EmmaP
    September 6, 2012 | 2:17 am

    Great post. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Parenthood – one of my co-workers at Dish loves it and keeps bugging me to get caught up. I do love realistic portrayals of relationships in my TV shows, so I think this post might be the final push for me to finally add it to my Blockbuster @ Home queue, which I have through my Dish account. That way it’ll just show up in my mailbox and I won’t have to worry about any late fees while I try to find time to sit down and start watching.

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