F U Pinterest: The Annual Awards

Last week, a friend came over and while talking about the horse birthday cake she was making for her daughter’s party, these words fell from her lips “Fuck You Pinterest.”

And it was like the skies parted, the angels sang and the world shone bright. We both bust out laughing and obviously it had to be a blog topic. Surely there are others who share this same sentiment. If that is the case, today’s post is for you. When I posted a tease of this blog topic on the Wired Momma FB Page, I received a pretty enthusiastic response and some readers shared sites like “Pinterest Fail” and this hilarious Buzzfeed article on picture fails from Pinterest. Both are definitely worth your time. I probably re-read the Buzzfeed one about 4 times yesterday just to keep laughing.

Today, I bring to you my top FU pinterest awards from the following categories: home organization, home decor projects, toy organization, closet organization and what else, kid birthday cakes. If you have other topics and photo nominees, do send them in (email them to wiredmomma@me.com), this should really be a rolling awards series. We all need a good laugh. Not to mention a reminder that we aren’t alone.

For the category of Home Organization, I bring you this book shelf fail:



For the category of Home Decor Projects – ask yourself – animal slaughter or spray paint attack?



For the category of Toy Organization, just fail and also – just REAL:


For the category of closet organization, this is my sister’s – did she even try to begin with is really the question?


Because the category of closet or cabinet organization requires more than one image because there are so many types, I offer you this from my office, I can’t even blame my kids for it even though their crap has taken over:



And finally, the annual rite of kids birthday cakes –  how about this work of art – my Hello Kitty cake that I made last November:



And finally, my sister’s son just turned one yesterday. She was actually inspired by a Pinterest polka dot cake, so she went for it:

polka not option 2

F U Pinterest.

For the most fun you ever did have, hit “Like” on the WM Facebook page – and send me your images!


4 Responses to F U Pinterest: The Annual Awards
  1. Nicole Dash
    May 30, 2013 | 3:42 pm

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Pinterest is perfect and so are all my attempts at home re-organization, cooking, baking, and decorating. Every recipe comes out tasting and looking like professionally. There is no hype or overselling on my pinned boards. One time I even made a cake using nothing but sprite, frozen fruit and cake mix. It was amazing. Okay… amazingly it sat in my kitchen and was hardly touched for days before it made its way into my new shiny trashcan. In no way did my creation accidentally get tossed into the exact matching recycling bin that pinterest told me to line up right beside the trash can. So, sorry I do not have pics to share with you and this campaign… not even the one of the ying-yang cake I made for my son’s birthday that took me three attempts and ended up being the size of about four cupcakes, which resulted in a last second grocery store run for store-bought cupcakes on the way to the party. :)

  2. Jessica Smock
    May 30, 2013 | 5:49 pm

    This is delightful! These are exactly my thoughts on Pinterest. I truly don’t get it. To me, unless you have oodles of extra time on your hands, Pinterest used as a life style fantasy source will only make you feel bad about yourself and your life. There is no category of my life that would be suitable for a typical Pinterest photo.

  3. Emily
    May 30, 2013 | 7:00 pm

    It might interest you to know, that photo of my bookshelf was taken AFTER it was organized. BOOYAH!

  4. Monica Sakala
    May 30, 2013 | 11:06 pm

    These comments are all fantastic! It is good to know we are all in good company with not living Pinterest lives!

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