A Different Approach to Valentine’s Day

Courage, wisdom, honesty and strength. These are the four characteristics a very brave 14-year-old once used to describe what is needed to fight off cancer. The fact that a 14-year-old even has to think about such things let alone assign such powerful meaning to a battle with cancer is so painfully unfair. Unfortunately, that boy, Christopher, lost his battle but his parents have worked to honor his life by starting the Four Diamonds Fund. I became aware of this pediatric cancer charity from an acquaintance of mine, Deb Fiscella.  This year, she is turning 50, and instead of planning an extravagant trip or crazy party, she is working to raise $50,000 for children with cancer, naming her cause 50k For The Kids, and raising this money for the Four Diamonds Fund. She asked for help in spreading the word about her goal and it was a no brainer for me.

One of the sweet kids helped by the Four Diamonds Fund

In December, my “favorite things” post included not just my favorite things to buy but also my favorite local charities to donate too and the response I received from all of you over the charity list was really remarkable. So now I’m at it again. I’d love to see what together as fellow Wired Momma readers, we can do to support Deb in her noble efforts. How about we combine forces for Valentine’s Day and open up our pocket books to help support this really excellent cause and Deb’s goal?

One of the kids who has benefited from the Four Diamonds Fund

Here’s additional background. As I mentioned, the Four Diamonds Fund is her charity of choice and is based out of Penn State.  Charles and Irma Millard started the fund in memory of their son, Christopher, who lost his battle with cancer at the age of 14. Their hope was to provide financial support to other families facing the same battle. The name of the fund came from a story Christopher wrote shortly before his death. The story tells of a knight’s quest for four diamonds – courage, wisdom, honesty, and strength – needed to overcome an evil sorceress, and was symbolic of the characteristics Christopher believed were necessary in his cancer battle. The quest to beat childhood cancer continues through the work of the Four Diamonds Fund, not only through the comprehensive support it provides to hundreds of children and their families every year, but through the innovative research being done to find a cure for all childhood cancer.

So what am I asking for? I’m winging it here friends but can we all come together and give something towards Deb’s goal to help this very worthy cause? Can we donate in honor of Valentine’s and the ones we love? Can we donate in honor of those we know who have already been fighting cancer in childhood? Can WM readers together raise $500? Can we raise more? Everyone says no amount is too small when it comes to donating and I believe that is absolutely true.  Let’s support the birthday gal, Deb Fiscella, to reach her goal. What do you think? I’m off to do it…click here to donate!

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